the “getting to know yourself” checklist.

What makes you you?

Ever sat down and asked yourself that question? I have. You will be surprised at what you discover about yourself when you actually sit and just think.

Understanding what you like from what you don’t, figuring out what makes you happy from what makes you upset, accepting all your flaws and all, these are the things that YOU should be worrying about. Trying to tell someone else about what you dislike about them or what they should change, what that reflects sometimes is just how uncomfortable you are with yourself.

Get to know yourself.
Do not allow negative people to tell you what to do about you. A person who is always itching to give you advice…watch out for those types of people. They are a perfect example of someone who is unhappy with who they are. Never allow anyone, especially the opposite sex to define you.
Be your own definition of yourself. In case you forgot and needed a wake up call… you are the only you in this world, everyone is is taken!

TIP: Get a journal or an empty book and within that book everyone now and again just take some time to write down things you love about yourself. Spend time with yourself! It can help, trust me. Everyone thinks that writing down how you feel or what you love translates to having a diary, but they’re wrong. Writing can be very therapeutic. Try it sometime!

Remember: “Do what makes you happy. Always.

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