enough is enough.

When is it okay to say “enough is enough”?
So many times we are put in situations that we never saw ourselves being in. We put down ourselves because we haven’t lived up to the expectations of human beings who think that they have the right to judge us.

When is it okay to say it?
Call quits to the negativity. People never have the decency to check themselves, but think it’s okay to check you. Since when it is okay to make someone else feel any less than who they are? I’m sorry, I forgot God died and made you the ‘oh so righteous judge’!

When is it okay to just say it to them?
Give them a piece of your mind.
Tell the haters to fall back, block out the fake preachers and “never sinned in their life” humans, stomp out the greedy and make way for the wicked to condemn themselves.
When is it that great day when it is okay to tell off the people whose motives are unrighteous and filthy? Who claim to be of God, but in actuality are filled with evil. Those same people are worse than you, are fake and the truth does not live in them.

Enough is enough when you find yourself doing something only because it makes someone else happy, but leaves you rotting inside.
Enough is enough when your friend lies to your face without having any remorse while doing so.
Enough is enough when you are mocked and scorned for standing up for what is right.
Enough is enough when you are constantly being lied to and disrespected by someone who claims to ‘love you’.
Today is that day.
Don’t give way to people who are boastful and self righteous.
Never let other people’s opinions consume your mind.
Be sure to purge out your soul of all dirty and corrupted thoughts.
Establish what you want for yourself and let no one sway you in the wrong direction.
Enough is enough.

Time to take back control of your life.

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