tips for dealing with HATERS.

Everyone at some point in their life have been held victim to hate, whether it has been hate from a stranger, co-worker, relative or past/present ‘friends’. The question is how do we correctly go about dealing with a situation like this? Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • Do kill them with kindness. People who hate on you are very insecure and are not comfortable in their own skin. I have learned that when you are nice and pleasant with them they hate that even more! So kill them with all the kindness in the world. Give them the attention they seek by showing them how nice & unbothered you are, living your beautiful stress free life.
  • Don’t answer them back. People love a good quarrel. They love to get you heated and to get under your skin. Never let anyone have ammunition over you. Once they realize that they do, they will continue to provoke you until you do something stupid in the end. Don’t ever get out of character and embarrass yourself. Trust me, I know.
  • Do ignore. Ignoring haters is the best way to make them look like they do not have a brain in their heads. It also gives you the upper hand in the situation, you are now in control. Ignoring them equals less/to no engagement which in the end makes you less affected by it. Less time thinking about them equals more time of you just living your life! They are clearly irrelevant and the only way they can feel important is by provoking you.
  • Do exert your happiness, confidence and self love. The best way is to laugh off the insults and never take them seriously. Remember that people only hate what they cannot be or what they do not have. The whole reason a person hates is lack of something in their own lives.
  • Do not ever consider beating yourself up over them. Never lose sleep. Never rethink what they said “may” be true. Never let them feel like they have won. Never ever stoop to their level. Never, ever.
  • Do prove people wrong. In cases where it is your co-worker/boss/ or anyone who holds leverage over you, just simply keep doing you. Work hard and show that what they are saying is false. Keep out of the way of these people because you do not need negativity in your life.
  • Do let them know who’s boss. Majority of the time this is the first way most of us handle our haters. Yes it is a good way to let them know that you are not playing games with them, but always remember “A soft answer turns away wrath” – PROVERBS 15:1. Getting all riled up or vex makes you seem weak and it shows lack of self control. On another note some people need to be told about themselves in order for them to fall back. In cases like this, do what needs to be done.
  • Do pray for them. This sounds typical, but do send up a prayer that God helps them. Ask God to bless them and to change their ways. Prayer is powerful.

By following these do’s and don’ts there is no way your haters will ever feel like they can hurt you. Remember haters are only attention seekers, do not ever give into their trap. P.S if you’re a hater reading this, “Hi Hater!” 🙂

(Photo credit: Clarence Mcdonald)


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