To disappoint is defined as, “To defeat the fulfillment of hopes, plans etc.” Disappointment happens in many forms, either someone can be disappointed in you or vice versa. The question comes when we have to ask ourselves what are we going to do about the situation, how can we deal with the feeling and make things better?

  1. Well, first thing you need to do is figure out what you might have done to make someone feel like we have disappointed them. Investigate and face the situation head on. Don’t stay stagnant and not take action or else you are going to make worse of a bad situation. You must accept and take responsibility for what you have done in order to move on. Sometimes we make mistakes because we are humans, but that is all a part of the process. Once we truly accept our wrong we can successfully move forward.
  2. Secondly, we have to focus on ourselves (yes we). What do we really want? What do I want to change? We must stop pitying ourselves, get a grip on things and work on it, instead of dwelling on the negativity. Put together a list of ways you can turn your frown upside down. Having a solution to the problem helps you have a better outlook of the situation.
  3. Thirdly, reevaluate the situation and learn from it. Were your expectations to high or too low? Is that the reason why you came out as a disappointment? What lessons can be learned from this? These are questions that should be asked. Answering these questions will help open your eyes to new possibilities and a overall new perspective on life.
  4. Fourthly, act on what we have learned. Put your actions where your mouth is! We know that consistency is key, so in order for success to take place we must not repeat steps that was previously done in the past. Different results require different mindsets and actions.
  5. Lastly, we must Re-WRITE our story. Something positive can always come from a negative situation, well majority of the time. You are now in control, yet again but the difference now is that you are smarter, wiser, stronger and better. It’s up to you on how you tell it. Every opportunity here on out is on you. Embrace the hurt, the pain, and go down a different path.

So lets review these steps one more time:
Figure out what you have done.
Focus on yourself (what you really want to change).
Reevaluate the situation and learn from it.
Act on it.
Re-write your story.

Disappointment is one of the worst feelings ever. It’s like a pain that won’t go away, no matter how much times you try to heal it’s still there. Don’t let todays disappointment keep you from being successful. “This too shall pass.” Practice acceptance and suffer less. Be persistent. Motivation is key. Find your happiness and hold on to it!

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