a mother’s love.

A mother is a person who gives without thinking twice,
She has a undying love that continues to touch your soul even when she is gone.
Feels good to know that if ever the world turned against you, your mother never did and she never will.
No one can ever care for you like your mother will or have.
Sleepless nights of constant prayer, preparation of meals, making sure everything is ready by the time you wake up,
Who can really define what a mother is?
Words cannot come close to portray a mother’s love.
Then there are some, that did not physically birth a child, but in my opinion are still considered a mother… you see
She cared for you like a mother would, she was there the times your mother could not be present, she stepped up her role to support, love and cater to you.
She is a mother.
She was a mother.
She will always be considered a mother.
Nobody can ever take that title away from her.
“Mothers” give you their last without rethinking it.
“Mothers” constantly have you on their minds, thinking of ways to make YOU better.
“Mothers” are always armed and ready to attack when they see you sad.
“Mothers” cry tears of joy when they see you prosper, because your success is their success.
Selfishness is not in her, for she is as selfless as it gets.
Anger does not define her, for she is pure and true.
Time and time again you might make her sad, hurt, cry, quarrel, but she is not one to hold a grudge.
She knows your heart.
She forgave you before you came to terms with what you have done.
She loves through your hatred of her when she tells you no.
A true “mother” always knows what to do when you have no clue.
Wisdom is her middle name and grace is what she will always have.
And on that day when it is time to pay her back for all she’s done
I just hope that the love she gave was enough to give back.
So thank you to all mothers, near and far
Whether you are an aunt, sister, friend, who knows.
Who can ever be above her?
No other can ever be above her.
No other can ever replace her.

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong.” (Thank you MOM, Thank you Aunt Laura, #RIP.)

Cherish your mothers, you never know when it will be their time to go. To those who lost their moms, just remember the love she gave you when she was a live & just know she would be proud of you today. Stay strong! -MJ.

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