First rule, accept who you are. All of you.
Not everyone will understand who you are,
Not everyone will accept who you are, but once you accept yourself and all your flaws what people say would not affect you.
Sometimes it is hard to ignore the noise,
Sometimes it is heartbreaking to hear what they think of you, but just remember that what you think of you is most important.
Understand yourself,
Put the pieces of your life together & you will soon realize one day that God had a purpose for you from day one.
As hard as that is to fathom, it is the truth.
Small minds cannot accept things that are different and they cannot see what true beauty is.
There will be times that you might feel down because you want people to see you how you see yourself,
There will be times when you will feel like giving up, do not.
Be yourself. Love yourself.

*Remember, God loves you, he cares, he hears and he never disappoints.

(Acceptance Part 1.)

16 replies on “acceptance.

  1. This was inspiring and encouraging… First rule…accept who you are. That spoke volumes to me. It really made sense. Before we can do anything else, we have to accept who we are1
    Thank You for that!

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