don’t FEEL.

Sometimes its okay to not feel.
Not feel the pain, the hurt, the overwhelmingness.
Sometimes it is really okay to not feel.
Just block it all out and keep on going.
Nobody will ever understand what you feel anyway so why feel?
Showing your emotions all the time makes you more vulnerable, so don’t.
Sometimes it’s okay to keep it to yourself.
“Keep your walls up, because not everyone should be allowed in.”
Do something that makes you happy,
Replace the feeling of anger with something that will put a smile on your face.
You deserve so much more than what is dished out to you,
Stay low-key.
Stay humble.
Stay true to who you are.
“You have way too many “feels”, way too many emotions.”
Don’t let it change you.
Don’t allow it to make you go crazy.
“We” cannot ever let other people make us feel any less.
Many might want to see you stumble and fall…
Watch your step, watch your back.
Wear you heart on your sleeve.
It is okay to not feel.
Don’t feel.
Don’t allow them to see you in a weak state.
Bury the feelings because what good is it to feel anyway when it’s only making you worse?
Prove them wrong.
Success is in your future, believe it.
Keep believing it.
You are a beautiful seed.
Just stop “feeling”.

[Dedicated to one of my friends. Keep your head up!]


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