the power of the mind.

We do not give ourselves enough credit because if we did we would realize that we are capable of so much, but we tend to hold back. We hold back so much, both consciously and unconsciously. Time to take back power of our minds.

First step, acknowledge what the mind can do. Growing up you ever wondered why your parents told you to not watch or listen to certain things? The reason behind that is this, your mind is powerful and the things you watch or listen to has a strong effect on it. I’ve experienced and witnessed how things we listen to can change the way we tend to act or speak, hence why we should guard our minds from things that are non-beneficial.

After acknowledgement we have to put our minds to use. Whether you are in school or not, everyday you will have a learning experience…so why not use your mind everyday? Think about the decisions you make first, instead of just doing. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, our mind allows us to think, reason, feel and remember so knowing all this information, shouldn’t we use our minds wisely & carefully? If you still don’t know the answer, it is YES.

We can do all things once we put our minds to it,” has been a saying that even our grandparents lived by. Sometimes we may doubt ourselves because we think we might not be good enough or strong enough, but we are. Imagine the possibilities when you actually use your mind! So much storage space is within our minds, why not fill it with the knowledge that can make us move mountains?

The Mind and You
In order for your mind to really have power you have to know yourself. You have to know what you want. Your mind is capable of allowing you to reach any level of success, but you must be in tune with yourself and everything around you. The power you have is often taken for granted, but once you regain control over your mind, all possibilities will flow your way. Think about how you want your life to go, what things you want to accomplish and work towards it. After discovering your thoughts, share it with others. Motivate yourself or someone else.

Things that help you exercise your mind power:

  1. Reading- Dictionaries, the BIBLE, educational books/books in general.
  2. Writing.
  3. Using a visual board to pin your ideas/thoughts.
  4. Explore- Discover & learn about new things.
  5. Use your imagination- Yes, this is not only for younger children. Everyone needs to be open-minded and use their imagination sometimes.
  6. Meditation- Soothes the mind, body & soul.
  7. Take a walk- Take a deep breath, walk in the park, sit and relax.
  8. ART- All things art: paint, draw, color etc.[ Visit MUSEUMS! ]

**Think positive thoughts about people.**

Connection to real life:
The mind is very fascinating, seeing that it works along with the brain to awaken the thoughts that we perceive daily. The powerful pair is so complex and unique. Two of the most valuable things we will ever have.

  1. Take care of it.
  2. Cherish it.

There are so many people out there who have no control of their mind, did you know that? They can’t perceive or think on their own, they need help from someone or something. Be thankful that you are blessed enough to consciously decide what you want from what you do not want. Remember the power your mind holds and use it to help someone not just today, but everyday of your life.

Here’s a few books that you can read to nourish the mind so that it blooms:

  1. Think Big by Ben Carson
  2. Mind, Character and Personality by Ellen G. White
  3. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
  4. Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

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