who is the father?

Feel like crying? Run into his arms for comfort, but know he’ll kill the guy who caused it.
Attentive, accurate, accepting, and always knowing what to say to make you smile.
Teaches you the basics of life: right from wrong. Tries to make you understand why certain things happen the way it does. Takes care of his responsibilities.
He’s irreplaceable. Hard on you, but wishes nothing but the best for you. Hard-worker. He loves you with everything in him, although some may not show it as much. He is human & he makes mistakes too. Forgive him.
Even when no one believes you, he will. Always. Endearing, Empathic & Empowering. Each is different & unique in his own way.
Realest of the realest. Reliable. Respects your privacy. Remembers the most important aspects of your life.

Happy Father’s Day to the realest dads out there, new & step-fathers!
It says a lot about you if you stayed by your child’s side and supported them all their life. Your mother raised you well. Like they say, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD.img_9874
To my dad: Thank you dad for being the coolest, funniest & most down to earth dad a girl can ever ask for! They don’t make them like you anymore. Love you KP. -MJP.**
Keep being phenomenal! We love & appreciate you.


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