23 reasons why it’s ok to be yourself.

Take one and go with it throughout the day or week!

  1. There is only one you and nobody else can ever be YOU.
  2. You are perfect just the way you are. Your imperfections make you even better! ( Might sound cliché, but it’s true!)
  3. God created you for a reason, with a purpose, and you must accept that.
  4. You are beautiful. Look in the mirror and repeat it until you believe it!
  5. Everyone else is taken! Sorry you’re stuck in that body.
  6. When you stay true to who you are you allow others to see your creativity and trust me we have way more than we think.
  7. Believe it or not there are people out there who look up to you and appreciate your very being.
  8. You were NOT made to FIT IN, STAND OUT.
  9. You are a TRENDSETTER, not a follower. Nobody likes a follower.
  10. You have a purpose in this lifetime. There is someone or something out there that needs help from you and you only.
  11. You make a difference.
  12. You MATTER.
  13. It’s easier to just be who you are than pretend to be someone else. Accept yourself. (Click here) to be referred back to my previous blog post on Acceptance.)
  14. You love, you feel, you decide what YOU want to do with your life. Many people don’t have freedom to do so.
  15. You are UNIQUE.
  16. You’re not perfect & that’s perfectly fine! Nobody is and thats OKAY. It is totally inevitable to make mistakes.
  17. Your smile is contagious. Have you seen it?
  18. You are fearLESS and FAITHful. We admire that so much!
  19. Your personality rocks! I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys your company!
  20. You’re really sweet. People love how kindhearted and generous you are.
  21. You’re very real. People like you are hard to come by. All the qualities that go with realness, you acquire.
  22. You go for your dreams and never settle. Go-getters like you make the world go around! Never ever stop striving!
  23. Your love for others is satisfying and most of all the way you carry about yourself is liberating. Don’t ever change that.

Always remember that there is nothing wrong with being yourself. Majority of the time the people you “think” you want to be are never happy with themselves and most of all they aren’t perfect like you imagined! Take this if you take one thing today, “The grass is always greener where you water it!” You are beautiful, don’t forget that. -MJ.

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