reality check.

Time to give ourselves a reality check! So many times we take life for granted.

Read this, it will definitely change how you approach life!

Dear ME or Whomever may be reading this,

Stop rushing.

Stop fussing.

Stop worrying.

Stop complaining.

Stop comparing.

Stop crying.

Just stop for one second, clear your mind for a minute, and just relax.

Think instead of doing.

What would the world be like if everyone just thought before they spoke? Say something nice instead of something cruel.

What if they actually used their brain cells before making a decision? You are so focused on things that are not good for you that you allow great opportunities to pass you by. Time, yeah we have it, but then again we donโ€™t.

Focus less on yourself sometimes.

Help someone else for a change instead of showing off all the glamorous things you have that another person does not have. There is more to life that the material things, much more to live for than we give our attention to! You can be the prettiest girl and the most handsome guy, but your disgusting/self-absorbed attitude will get you nowhere.

Too real for you yet?

Youโ€™re so busy laughing at the person suffering next to you, that you forget that God does not like ugly.

Watch out.

Some of you who question God above, your faith lessening by the second all because what you prayed for did not yet happen, but have you forgotten what HE did for you in the pass? Or what he continues to do for you even now? So many times we bypass the blessings that we receive(d) and begin to get angry and weary, stop that.

Stop murmuring and bickering about things that are only but a passing storm!





All qualities you tend to hold within yourself. Let go of them. How can you be ungrateful, but you are alive? How can you be unthankful, but you have a roof over your head and a place to sleep? How can you be unforgiving, but someone you wronged forgave you? How can you be unappreciative, but you have arms, eyes, legs, a nose, ears, fingers, toes, feet? HOW?

Did it click yet?

Are you beginning to see how much you really have yet?

Life can be better, you just have to slow down sometimes and really appreciate who you are and what you are blessed with. Ponder on that.


Someone just like you who also needed a reality check.


If you read the whole post, comment below with one thing you are thankful for.


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