Month: January 2017

journaling series: whole.

This entry is a piece I wrote in one of my journals a while back. Takes me back to my childhood. The reason this is the only one with a photo is to show how much I have grown and now I’m happy and most importantly…whole. Enjoy! I came out bare Knowing not what wasn’t taught to me Being shaped every second Every breath I took you saw me At your side I stood, me alone not wanting anyone else by you Selfish in love for you Flying away to other ventures Not knowing bye was really good-bye On to the land of the new Seeing the other you..another part of you Joyous, yet crying out for the other parts of you Loving the new you, The you that I yearned for, for years Growing day in & day out Watching as this half of you do.. Any & everything to make me smile. This half of you, That will never have to ever say goodbye.. That will never have to see me cry, But …

birthday fit.

Birthdays are blessings and excuses to SLAY! 2017 is my year! I celebrated my birthday, January 3rd (Capricon baby)! This birthday I chose to do the FUR trend, because fur makes a girl feel like a million bucks! I wanted a look that was completely fun, chic and my style! Birthdays do not ever go as planned, but this year seemed to have been my most enjoyable one yet. Here are a few of my favorites! The FIT : Romper/Jumpsuit- ZARA Small Faux Fur Shawl- ZARA Shoes- Sam Edelman Hazel Soft Silver Heels The FIT : Dress- Asos  (On sale now!) Faux Fur Coat- ZARA Thank you all for the birthday well wishes! I truly do appreciate the love. – MJ  

journaling series: one day.

As you read this entry, just imagine what it would be like if you just stopped worrying. one day you’ll realize that some things are meant to be and others aren’t. one day you’ll grow up, and say “thank God I dodged that bullet”. one day you’ll smile because you’re bigger and better than you were yesterYEAR one day, one glorious day you’ll thank your parents for the advice, for the prayers, for the punishments one day you will succeed, you will have that dream job you will have IT, whatever it may be. one day, it will be a better day for you. wait.

journaling series: she.

My first entry I decided to focus on myself and dig a bit deeper. Take a read, let me know your thoughts! she was guarded, closed off, particular about who she let in. she was overprotective and never understood why things happened the way it did.. she was happy, but her happy was seen as sad and angered. she was hard as a rock and soft as a peach. she had a way with words on paper, never had a lost for words there. on and on she could go, the paper was her escape from reality. she was a dreamer, a go-getter, a trendsetter. they tried to bring her down, but she…she always came out triumphant.

museum lover.

This is a bit of a personal post. I have decided to share with you guys “A day in the life of MJ”. Sounds so cliché, but I live a pretty simple life. I am a homebody at heart, but I have developed a strong love for museums and art in general (I can thank my boyfriend for 50% of that haha). The two museums we visited were the Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City. Let’s start with the Guggenheim. [Secret, click on each photo for more details/surprises] The view from the very top. Doesn’t give it justice, so click here. Agnes Martin, do you know her? Agnes Martin (1912–2004) created serene paintings composed of grids and stripes. She believed in the transformative power of art. She termed “abstract emotions” as happiness, love, and experiences of innocence, freedom, beauty, and perfection. She is one of the few female artists who gained respect and dominated the art world in 50s and 60s. Read more about Agnes here. One of my favorites …

P.s i love Jord Wood Watches.

Hello lovelies! It’s 2017, new year, new blog reviews! Have you guys heard of JORD wood watches? Well if you have not, I will get you up to date with the latest style accessory that is a necessity. JORD wood watches are handcrafted from natural woods, which is so dope to me. It’s available for both men and women. Each watch can be adjusted to your wrist size and it looks stunning against any skin tone. My watch came from natural walnut wood and it was hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. This watch was sent to me by the company, in return for an honest review and a surprise at the end for you! The watch that I chose was the Walnut & Jet Black from the CONWAY series. There are three other watches in this series, but this one stood out to me the most! It is a really nice combination and the details are so intricate.   JORD & ME So I decided to give my watch to my boyfriend as one …

beauty box five.

Hey guys, so I’ve paired up with BB5 to bring you the December subscription box of goodies! So by the name “BB5” you should have already figured out it’s five products in a box per subscription box. Let’s get right into it! PS. I love subscription boxes and you guys will definitely see more on the blog! (This box was sent to me for review purposes and if you’re a blogger interested in BB5, definitely click this link here.) So four out five of these products are full sized, while the remaining is travel size. Here’s the list of products for December 2016: Jelly Pong Pong- Liquid Gossamer (FULL SIZE) Neutrogena- Rainbath (TRAVEL SIZE) Amlactin- Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion (FULL SIZE) Professional- Freezing Finish Spray (FULL SIZE) Hikari- Lip Gloss (FULL SIZE) Now, onto the items: The Neutrogena Rainbath smells delicious! I love it a lot, then again I love all neutrogena products because it doesn’t leave my skin dry. The Amlactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion does not smell so good, but it is very effective. The size …