Day: January 27, 2017

journaling series: whole.

This entry is a piece I wrote in one of my journals a while back. Takes me back to my childhood. The reason this is the only one with a photo is to show how much I have grown and now I’m happy and most importantly…whole. Enjoy! I came out bare Knowing not what wasn’t taught to me Being shaped every second Every breath I took you saw me At your side I stood, me alone not wanting anyone else by you Selfish in love for you Flying away to other ventures Not knowing bye was really good-bye On to the land of the new Seeing the other you..another part of you Joyous, yet crying out for the other parts of you Loving the new you, The you that I yearned for, for years Growing day in & day out Watching as this half of you do.. Any & everything to make me smile. This half of you, That will never have to ever say goodbye.. That will never have to see me cry, But …

birthday fit.

Birthdays are blessings and excuses to SLAY! 2017 is my year! I celebrated my birthday, January 3rd (Capricon baby)! This birthday I chose to do the FUR trend, because fur makes a girl feel like a million bucks! I wanted a look that was completely fun, chic and my style! Birthdays do not ever go as planned, but this year seemed to have been my most enjoyable one yet. Here are a few of my favorites! The FITΒ : Romper/Jumpsuit- ZARA Small Faux Fur Shawl- ZARA Shoes- Sam Edelman Hazel Soft Silver Heels The FIT : Dress- Asos Β (On sale now!) Faux Fur Coat- ZARA Thank you all for the birthday well wishes! I truly do appreciate the love. – MJ