I came out bare
Knowing not what wasn’t taught to me
Being shaped every second
Every breath I took you saw me
At your side I stood, me alone not wanting anyone else by you
Selfish in love for you
Flying away to other ventures
Not knowing bye was really good-bye
On to the land of the new
Seeing the other you..another part of you
Joyous, yet crying out for the other parts of you
Loving the new you,
The you that I yearned for, for years
Growing day in & day out
Watching as this half of you do..
Any & everything to make me smile.
This half of you,
That will never have to ever say goodbye..
That will never have to see me cry,
But will always try to be the best for me
To be like you were to me..
Hearts enfolded in love, sent from above.
Forever and ever more, now I am whole.

Photo by Alberto Lima.


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