It’s a NEW DAY,  start it with a smile!
Now is the time to stop playing it safe, go out there and try something different!
No time for being afraid or worrying,
Get up, go out there and be what you want to be.
Experience what you always wanted to experience
Face your fears and don’t look back.
So many times we as human beings have fallen short of going after our dreams because of the fear of failure!
It is time to change our way of thinking.
It is time to stop being fearful and go out there and WIN.
People may talk, but who cares?
Failure is a scary thing and,
It hits you hard with no warning.
No heads up.
Do not let that scare you.
Do not let that deter you.
Do not let that hold you back from trying.
Not trying is an automatic failure.
Giving something a shot is better than not trying at all.

Tell yourself this today, this week, this month, this YEAR:

Photo by Emron A. Mervin

Say it out loud if you have to,
I can do this.

I can be better than THEY said I would.
I can be great(ER).
I MAY fail, but I WILL keep trying!
I am not a loser, but a winner.
I am not afraid of FEAR, fear should be afraid of me!
I will succeed.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Take action. Here’s how:
Encourage yourself. Motivate yourself.
Take the necessary steps to make yourself better. This includes:
Making a plan, setting goals, and challenging yourself.

Today is the day to make a change.
Tell fear + failure to meet new opportunity and success… your new BEST FRIENDS!

72 replies on “stop playing it safe.

  1. This is really motivating! Such a positive post and I love the photos taken. I’ve seen a lot recently about speaking out loud looking into the mirror or something and saying positive things in the morning to help motivate you and keep positive. This post is a good reminder to start doing this!
    Great read,
    Lois x

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  2. Definitely some wise words. I’ve read that when people are close to dying, it is the things they didn’t do that they regret the most, not the things they have tried and failed at. Our strongest memories are made with new challenges, not the day to day and we should strive to always improve ourselves by reading and doing more.

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  3. I’ve been lacking in the motivation department lately and I think this was what I needed to read. I just need to keep going the way I was before and my goals and school work will be the standard I want them to be because I’ve worked for them. Thank you and this was a lovely post x

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