taking the time to communicate is important.
before you read remember, talking things out is more beneficial and it gives room for growth.

take time to communicate and express how you feel.
take time to let out all the hurt that has been built up,
because what good is it to keep it all locked up?
what good will it be to you to never say, at any time of the day,
the way someone or something is or has been bothering your soul?

take time to communicate instead of walking away.
it is better to talk something out and try to work it out,
rather than just turning your back to a situation.
what good is it to you to throw away something you committed too?

take time to exchange your thoughts.
take the time to let others know that you are worthy of being heard from.
take some time to think, to breathe, to get it off your chest.
what good is it to carry that load everyday?

take some time to talk to YOU, yes you.
it is not crazy to do so.
nobody knows you better than you.
pep talks and recitation of work of some sort is not the only way you speak to yourself.
talking to yourself benefits you,
it can help clarify your thoughts, boost your overall mood, take away stress,
and allow you to remember who you are.
what harm is it to clear your mind with some you-time?
(post about self-talk coming soon)

take some time to speak with God.
express to Him everything.
He says, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28
take time to pour out your heart to him, although he knows…
what would it cost you to just call on him?
Photo by: Duran Miller | outfit details coming soon.


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