Month: April 2017

worth fighting for.

Many times in life we feel like this is it, we feel like giving up. Do not. You are worth fighting for. Do you not know that there is at least one person, who will never give up on you? Today I want you to remember this… You are worth fighting for. You are more important that you give yourself credit for. You have so much potential and no matter what anyone says, just remember that their words do not define you. You were made with a purpose, although you may forget it. Be bold enough to stand tall in the midst of disasters that occur throughout your life. Press on, because there is so much more worth fighting for. Love yourself. See your growth. Feel the pain. Overcome the trials. Speak life into existence. Know your worth. Twirl in it. Dance in it. It’s yours, so act like it. Have a beautiful day, week, month & year!

happy bloggerversary KUWMJ!

This week is my 1 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ I’ve been blogging for one whole year, isn’t that crazy cool AMAZING?! Wow, it really feels like yesterday I started on this path not knowing the destination. This first post I’ll start off by telling you guys about my journey as a β€œblogger”. Honestly it’s still really weird to tell people I’m a blogger, I guess I’d prefer to say I’m a writer because that’s where the passion is. Writing has been my ESCAPE and it continues to be my escape whenever I’m sad, happy or just feel like expressing myself. Everyone has their own outlet and mine is writing. *Expect another post sometime this week…but first read this: What I’ve learned… 1. It’s okay to not be okay. Too often I visit people’s blog and the encouragement of β€œnot being okay” is shunned. I never understand why that is. Everyone has a point in their life where they have felt like giving up, where they have been discouraged, sad, angry, hurt, mistreated, taken for granted and the …

self talk + self encouragement.

Just to reiterate from one of my previous posts β€œcommunicate”, talking to yourself is not you being crazy. Self-talk encourages so much more ideas and thought. It gives you a sense of comfort and enables you to realize that it is okay to BREATHE. You’ll realize that through self talk, you are reassured that things will be okay. Think about the many times you have been in a situation where you might have felt nervous, frustrated or scared… What was the first thing you did? Not talk to yourself saying, “calm down, it’s going to be okay…breathe”. We have so much more power that we give ourselves credit for. Self talk gives us an opportunity to grow. I bet you’re wondering how can this be possible…keep reading. We grow when we learn from mistakes and when we accept that things happen, Good days along with the bad ones. When push comes to shove, what matters is how we retaliate in any situation. Talking to ourselves first gives us an upper hand to play out the …