self talk + self encouragement.

Just to reiterate from one of my previous posts “communicate”,
talking to yourself is not you being crazy.
Self-talk encourages so much more ideas and thought.
It gives you a sense of comfort and enables you to realize that it is okay to BREATHE.
You’ll realize that through self talk, you are reassured that things will be okay.

Think about the many times you have been in a situation where you
might have felt nervous, frustrated or scared…
What was the first thing you did?
Not talk to yourself saying, “calm down, it’s going to be okay…breathe”.
We have so much more power that we give ourselves credit for.

Self talk gives us an opportunity to grow.
I bet you’re wondering how can this be possible…keep reading.
We grow when we learn from mistakes and when we accept that things happen,
Good days along with the bad ones.
When push comes to shove, what matters is how we retaliate in any situation.
Talking to ourselves first gives us an upper hand to play out the situation BEFORE it unfolds.
It allows us to really think about the consequences of our actions.
Self-talk has the capacity to enhance our growth in just a matter of seconds.

If you have ever wondered, “How can I encourage myself on my lowest of the lowest days?”
This next section is for you.
To be encouraged and to encourage someone else takes a lot of strength.
A person must first understand what encouragement really is.
When we encourage we are telling someone that it is okay for them to be sad or angry or down,
BUT we offer support so that they never give up!
Encouraging others in whatever scenario all depends on if that person is willing to first accept it,
and secondly to live it.
Encouraging yourself is so similar.
When you encourage yourself, you are building up your confidence and by building
up your confidence that gives you the strength to want to keep going.
One must not encourage and not show action.
Let us not forget that within the word encourage lives “COURAGE”!
We all have the potential to have courage and to do courageous things.

What’s stopping us?

IMG_8646.JPGRemember: Communication, self talk, encouragement and courage. All recipes for growth.


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