happy bloggerversary KUWMJ!

This week is my 1 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY!🎉🎊

I’ve been blogging for one whole year, isn’t that crazy cool AMAZING?! Wow, it really feels like yesterday I started on this path not knowing the destination.
This first post I’ll start off by telling you guys about my journey as a “blogger”. Honestly it’s still really weird to tell people I’m a blogger, I guess I’d prefer to say I’m a writer because that’s where the passion is. Writing has been my ESCAPE and it continues to be my escape whenever I’m sad, happy or just feel like expressing myself. Everyone has their own outlet and mine is writing.

*Expect another post sometime this week…but first read this:

What I’ve learned…
1. It’s okay to not be okay. Too often I visit people’s blog and the encouragement of “not being okay” is shunned. I never understand why that is. Everyone has a point in their life where they have felt like giving up, where they have been discouraged, sad, angry, hurt, mistreated, taken for granted and the list goes on and on, BUT that is okay. YOU DON’T GOTTA KNOW EVERYTHING DARLING! Don’t get me wrong, it is not okay to keep experiencing any of these, but if you have or still do it will not last forever. “Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” It’s okay to walk through the rain, but just remember the sun will shine on you tomorrow.
2. What we say can impact someone else’s life, good or bad. Words can have such a huge impact on people. I have learned that people can either grow, stay stagnant or wither and die by the words that comes out of our mouths. I can’t remember exactly word for word what I’ve read (or heard) about watching the words we say, but the moral of the story is this; we cannot say whatever we want to say and we definitely cannot assume that what we say doesn’t affect the next person. Our words are powerful. It is better to uplift someone, rather than to bring down their spirits or self confidence.
3. Vulnerability is not so bad. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life until I started this blog. This is literally the bravest thing a person can do because we are letting you see another side of who we are. What I have grown to understand and accept is that it is okay to let others in so that they too can grow like you are growing. I have came to the realization that I am literally my biggest critic and sometimes just “doing what I want to do” is always better (majority of the times) and more self satisfying than worrying about what other people think.
4. People support me hard. Straight like that. I am so grateful to the many followers I have received (250+) & email subbies, Facebook followers who liked my blog page, and the dope bloggers who have followed my instagram. OOPS, I cannot forget to mention my friends + family who always encourage me (near and far far away), tellling me how my posts have touched their little hearts. The love has been ultra-REAL.
*Fun FACT: Being totally honest, every time a friend or family member tells me they love my blog or they’ve been reading it I blush and I feel all warm inside because I had NO IDEA that they have been KEEPING UP WITH MJ! (See what I did there? Hahaha)
ManhattanBridge3Photo By: Deepak Kannan 
A Chicago based landscape photographer

|Thanks for reading! See you at the next post…|


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