worth fighting for.

Many times in life we feel like this is it,
we feel like giving up.
Do not.
You are worth fighting for.
Do you not know that there is at least one person,
who will never give up on you?
Today I want you to remember this…

You are worth fighting for.
You are more important that you give yourself credit for.
You have so much potential and no matter what anyone says,
just remember that their words do not define you.
You were made with a purpose,
although you may forget it.
Be bold enough to stand tall in the midst of disasters that
occur throughout your life.
Press on, because there is so much more worth fighting for.

Love yourself.
See your growth.
Feel the pain.
Overcome the trials.
Speak life into existence.
Know your worth.
Twirl in it.
Dance in it.
It’s yours, so act like it.

Have a beautiful day, week, month & year!


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