You should bask in this moment, here’s why:
1. You chose to pursue with getting an education despite the odds against you.
2. Hard work will eventually pay off in the end, it always does trust me!
3. You’re freaking doing the damn thing, graduating now, later or in the future it does not matter.
4. You are an inspiration!

I use to be sad when graduation time came around because it’s a reminder that I’m not THERE YET, but little did I know I am exactly where I need to be.
See, if you’re like me who’s changed their major more than twice, took a semester off (because of whatever reason), transferred schools (and your credits did not all get accepted) or you even had to just work to get those dollars…
It is okay. I had to really understand that it is okay truly because I’m working towards my success.
Why should you ever have to explain to the critics why you’re not graduating this semester?
Who made them PERFECT?
You know what those people are, mountains.
You have to climb those mountains and get to the top to shut them up (on your terms of course).
Keep on climbing!

To the graduates, you made it.
You literally cried, fought (for better grades of course), went days without sleep and worked your way through.
BASK IN YOUR MOMENT. Celebrate. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Whatever you may.
Walk across that stage and remember the journey is not ending, but now beginning.
Your success story continues even after this.
I am truly happy for you ALL.
I bask in this moment with you!

Remember, everyone has their moment so just sit back, work hard, and wait your turn. Look at the graduates and be proud, be happy, be inspired because they should be of some motivation to you that success is a possibility.


A special CONGRATULATIONS to Duran, Crystal, Chrystal, Shelley, Dianne, Chanice, Lamar, Almamy, Maggie, “HotSauceAndMango” and so much more on their accomplishments this year! #YouDidIt

Here’s some graduation #candids…

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Graduation= inspiration to do better and keep going!
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When your support team rep you hard!! (Corny I know lol)
Proud of you babe!
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Young, Black & Educated Men!


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