4 things to remember about life.​

Here are “4 things to remember about life” in a short, get right to it post:

1. It is a learning process.

Point me in the direction of a person who got it right from the beginning. I’ll wait. Nobody knows how to do everything right the first, second or third time, but they kept pushing. You cannot be so down on yourself when things do not go the way you played it too. I learned this DAILY.

2. It requires A Plan.

Honestly, I’m winging it in this life, BUT I’m learning that part of the “learning process” requires some thought + planning. You need a plan of where you want to be and what steps you are going to take to get there. Trust me, I know it is hard to sit down and plan things, procrastination always comes knocking but push through. Great “planners” often are the ones with the most successes.

3. You need to show love now.

Life is short. Our loved ones will not be here forever. As hard that is to comprehend, it is the sad reality. Life is not promised. You could see someone a day/week/hour/month ago, then the next thing you know you receive a call saying they’re gone. The biggest mistake you can ever make in your life is taking your family/friends/loved ones for granted. Show love now and cherish the memories later.

4. You control the steering wheel.

As a new driver, I found it fitting to add this one in. When driving, both hands have to be on the steering wheel (for me because I’m a new driver) and you have to focus keenly on the road. Need I to go on? You are in control of you. Period. Circumstances will arrive, but how will you handle it? Keep your hands on the steering wheel, stay focus and drive to your successful destination.

Remember: Learn, plan, love and control. Four things that you must do in this lifetime.

“Why am I not speaking directly to the hopes and fears of this very moment?”




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