glow with glossier.

Hey loves, Today’s post is all about G L O S S I E R !

Skincare + makeup = glossier !
I’ve been crushing on glossier for a while now and I’m super stoked to share with you some of my favorites as of right now! There are so many skincare/makeup companies out there, but being quite honest glossier is in my top 5 favorites. I’m an authentic person so if I don’t like something I would say it or I won’t even bother to promote it. At the end of my post is a surprise for you…stay tuned! 

SO…with that being said let’s get this party started, shall we? Right now I’m loving 5 products from glossier.

To be honest, I am no makeup artist plus I have 1,000+ things to still learn about getting the perfect “beat” face and I have fairly clear/smooth skin (until I eat loads of chocolate that is) so these products work for me.IMG_38991. Let’s start with the Milk Jelly Cleanser.
If you looking for a daily face wash that’ll have your face feeling smooth like a baby’s bottom, this is for you baby! One of my morning go-to’s.

2. Next on the list is the HALOSCOPE in Topaz. FullSizeRender-1
IMG_3898I’m still on the search for that perfect highlighter, but this one gives me that natural glow I’m looking for. I’m still learning how to use it right after I put on foundation, BUT I figure it works better without any.

3. Then, there’s the Boy Brow. HONEY, LET ME PUT YOU ON…
This one right here got my brows in tact. I cannot fill in my brows to save my life, but this is an easy alternative. It’ like putting on mascara on your eyebrows…literally.IMG_39004. Lastly, we have the foundation for the on-the-go girls (& guys), Perfecting Skin Tint.
This is not a heavy, cover every single blemish, make you look caked up type of foundation. It’s a tint, a little something-something to keep your face intact. I use this daily because I’m always late for work trying to put on my foundation. This skin tint gives me a little coverage and makes my face look super NATURAL. Isn’t that the main goal?

Oh, how can I forgot my Cloud Paint? #5IMG_3906 This one I like it because I could just apply a little to my cheeks and I get that little bit of blush on the go! You don’t even need a lot. I love it also because it’s good to take with you in your little travel pouches (and I have a bunch!).

Did I mention it GLOSSIER launched in the UK?!

I know many of my blog followers are from the UK, so this is awesome that you guys can now have it available. If you decide to try any of these products I shared, be sure to use my link for 10% + free shipping on ALL purchases $30 & over on your first order! SURPRISE! CLICK HERE


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