what blogging taught me.

It’s been a great journey as a blogger and I am filled with joy every time I sit in my room and write my blog posts for you guys. This platform has given me the freedom to express my feelings and also to help motivate/inspire so many people and that in itself is a blessing. I have received so many questions from friends and associates on how they can go about starting their own blog (how amazing is it that they chose to ask me for advice?). I am humbled by this experience. Sharing who you are with the internet is one of the scariest things, but it is something that can change you for the better. Although some things remain personal, people like to know that you are relatable so in that sense it is good.

“You will need curiosity, kindness, stamina and a willingness to look stupid.”


                                           YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE IT MAY LEAD YOU

I can recall my first few months when I started blogging and I had no clue what the future would be like for my website. Honestly, the thing I have understood the most is that the more content you produce, the more people are watching—people as in influencers, sponsors etc. Who would’ve thought that I would ever be chosen to be a rep or influencer for products? It’s an amazing feeling to know that people love what you do, just as much as you do!
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                                                  SELF-PROMOS ARE NORMAL

Let me keep it real with you guys, I have a shy side! Yes, I do. When that side of me comes out to play I try my hardest to act like I am fully ready for anything, but inside I’m not haha. I’ve learned that self-promos are a great way to get yourself out there. It is prevalent that you might feel like you are being a bother to people, but TRUTH BE TOLD if they support you they won’t mind your promos AND if they mind they can simply UNFOLLOW YOU. Make that known. Never let anyone deter you from being you.

                                             REAL WINS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK

You have to be real with your followers. Being yourself is the best thing you can ever be. DO NOT EVER THROW ANY OF YOURSELF AWAY. No one likes bloggers who create the SAME content every other blogger creates. There was a time where I felt like I had to have certain pictures taken a certain way or write posts to please followers, but this is not always the case. In terms of having “relevant content”, yeah you have to be in the norm, but changing your whole blog to suit other bloggers? It’s a BIG FAT NO for me y’all. Realness and being genuine will always win.

                                               KEEP THE CONTENT FLOWING

I cannot tell you guys how much I have been slacking on my posts. It’s bad because I had posts coming in so much more frequently, but that will be changed! It is a MUST to have lots of content flowing on a daily basis. You have to keep your followers’ attention, I have learned this the hard way. You must be on top of the number of posts you do on social media and on your blog and develop a schedule. Have a couple journals or planners ready to jot down thoughts, doodles, and new ideas.

                                EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT FOLLOW, THEY SEE YOU

This was one of my greatest lessons. I use to be so caught up in the number of followers that I have and the excessive overthinking that no one will read, but little did I know they were. Even though people don’t hit that FOLLOW button, they see your work. I remember seeing a quote that said “YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND TO NOT EVEN SEE YOU”, which is so true! They are taking notes and taking your advice trust me. I have seen this done so many times with my blog pieces. This makes me keep pushing.


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