4 things to hold on to this year.

You clicked on this blog post because you want 2018 to be a great year and you want to achieve more than you did last year. You also clicked because you needed some motivation or inspiration to go throughout your day/week, no worries I got you. I have learned when we get closer to God, the better things begin to flow in our lives. This post explains the three things I deem as most important to have and hold on to this year in order to be successful and happy.

Prayer. | Each new year comes and we make all these plans to do better and be better, two months in and we are back to our old selves. Our mindsets have to be changed…not surface level either, but deep within the roots of our heart. The first thing you need to have deeply rooted is PRAYER. When we pray we are communicating with God on a level that he alone understands. Religious or not, God is the ultimate provider and giver over this entire world. No one can ever convince me differently. I say this based off of my experiences with Him. The moment you decide that you really want change and begin to PRAY, your life will change forever. Daily prayer and actually talk to God about our issues, our fears, our griefs, our up days and down days, when we are happy or sad, whatever the case it is makes us feel like the weight has been lifted, our burdens carried away never to return. It’s nice to read up on other people’s experiences, but it is way better when you have your own testimony.

Family. | The next thing is family. I’m not only referring to your blood family either, I’m referring to people who are there for you through thick and thin. The ones who actually show you in their actions that they love and care for you and hold you down. Hold on to that thing! Do not let go of those bonds. With a strong support system, it can take you to the highest of mountains and through the scariest situations. Never take them for granted and never shut them out of your life. Take them with you. Tell them about your struggles. Pray with them. Spend time with them because their life (and yours) is not promised.

Faith. | Along with prayer and family, you must have FAITH. Faith is when you believe without seeing. Normally I say I have faith in God, whom I cannot see, but I know he is with me always, but you can also have faith in knowing that things will work out for you this year! Faith requires you working towards your goals. It requires energy, perseverance and a heart that is open to being knocked down and then picked right back up again.

Sanity. | Last is SANITY. You have to keep it together. If you’re like me, this year is full of exciting moments, but also tough ones that require focus, planning and working super hard. Do not overkill yourself with work and then go crazy in the process. Relax, take a deep breath and focus on what you have to complete. One way I cope with the stresses of life is by writing everything down and staying organized. I am beginning to put my passion planner to use. It can help a lot with planning events, vacations, and tests that need to be completed (for my college students reading this). Keep sane friends!

With prayer, family, faith and your sanity, I think you are going to have a great year ahead.

— Well wishes, MJ.


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