oversized jacket + self-love​.

Hello loves,

Every time I take pictures I make sure to have at least one laughing shot. The reason behind it is because no matter how much I may feel down or whatever situation I may be going through, I know I could look back at my photos and smile. If you ask my family and friends, you’ll know that I’m that girl who would always want to take pictures, when everyone is like no let’s just “live in the moment”. I like to live in the moment too, but I like to have pictures to look back on and bask in those memories. When I was younger I never really had that much pictures, so I made it my duty to always take pictures so I can have them with me.

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IMG_6988Enough about my picture history, I just wanted to share a meaningful quote to encourage you that no matter what it is you’re going through someone else has it way worse. Learn to appreciate what you have and always have a love for others and yourself. As I always say, “self-love is the best love” don’t ever forget it. Life is filled with unexpected situations. Things may not always go as planned, but we can make the best of what life has to offer now.

Live your best life.
Dance in the rain.
Take chances.
And do more of what you love this year…in STYLE!

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Outfit details: Dress Boohoo, Booties Zara, Bag Zara, Jacket H&M

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Thanks for reading, xoxo MJ.


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