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Happy International Women’s Day.

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“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

Today’s post I’m encouraging you to make lemonade when life gives you lemons! I have been given lots of lemons throughout my years of life, but I always tried to make “lemonade” or make better out of my situation. One thing I have learned was to never forget who I am and where I came from. Not just that, but the reason behind it. Times have changed a lot from when I was younger. I say this in reference to having pride in where you came from. It was not so easy being the kid who just migrated to the U.S. from the Caribbean, in a class filled with Americans. There were ups and downs, but I never forgot where I came from, as a matter of fact, I think I was overly proud to an extent. I won’t lie to y’all, sometimes it was hard, but when you realize that it does not matter what people think, you get right back up.

The same ones following your journey are awaiting your downfall.

How sad is that? It is so easy to lose sight of what’s important sometimes, through the situations that we go through and all the negativity of this world. However, it is what you do in those trying times that shows the kind of person you are or aspire to be. In the workplace, at home or on the streets as a woman, you have to remember that you are powerful, strong, beautiful, important and you came too far to not let that shine through. Being that it’s women’s day I encourage you to bask in this moment and remember all the powerful women that you have in your life. Thank them and show them love and appreciation because the many sacrifices they have made goes unnumbered.

I’m thankful for all the women in my life. My mother, granny, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, adopted sisters, adopted family etc. You all are spectacular and hold a great place in my heart. As much as I inspire you, you inspire me.

Quick tips for encouragement:

1. Accept that you have weaknesses and flaws. Sometimes people put on a facade that everything is okay and like they can handle anything life throws at them. Honestly, the majority of women do this, but we have weaknesses just as we have strengths and that is OKAY. 

2. Remember that your journey is yours. Mold it, shape it into what you want.

3. You go girl! Be your own cheerleader. Root for you even when no one else is willing too.

4. Love more and hate less. Use your energy to uplift rather than tear down. I love the saying, “Kill them with kindness”! I try to do that so much more because people never expect that after being nasty to me.

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What I’m wearingDress- Forever 21, Sweater- Primark, Shoes- Boohoo, Bag(s): Aldo & Burberry

Enjoy this fun video I posted on Instagram. Click HERE!

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22 thoughts on “make lemonade!

  1. Love this post as well as your fashion sense. I agree it’s so important to understand we have flaws and no one is perfect. Trying to be perfect all the time will honestly just make me feel so overwhelmed. I’m relatively new to blogging, do you have any tips for me?

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I do have some tips, you can actually check out my previous post called “what blogging taught me”, some tips are there or reach out to me via my social media handles!

  2. Hey! I really enjoyed reading this post it is the kind of motivation I need on a miserable Monday! You are also nailing your pictures and this outfit is fire!!! xxx

  3. Great tips – it’s so important to be your own cheerleader, especially since some of us are our own worst critic. Sometimes you just have to hype yourself up to make it through the day. Love the look, girl!

  4. Great post and loving the outfit!
    Practicing being your own cheerleader is something that’s tough for me, but I always keep pushing and that’s what I try to tell others who are going after what they want. On days when it gets tough what is something you do to keep yourself moving forward?

    1. Thank you!❤️ On those tough days is when I have to get myself back into reality that things aren’t all bad. To be honest it’s hard as hell, but when you think about what’s ahead you’ll feel way better. I’ve had my share of low down days and I’ve managed to do that and get myself back in the groove of things.🌹

  5. First of all, can I just say YOU ARE GORGEOUS! And that outfit! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍
    This is such a great post, and reading through it definitely reminded me that I am important and I am strong as it’s so easy to lose sight of that! Great post girl!💕

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