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Hello loves,

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I hope that you’re having a beautiful week. Well as you know last week I celebrated my 2-year blogversary (read here) and I got a lot of compliments & questions about my outfit so I decided to do a style post giving you the details of my outfit! I also wanted to let you guys know how crazy the day of this photoshoot was! 


So, the day before my shoot I got my hair all flat ironed and neatly pin curled and everything. The day of the shoot came and there was a “chance” that it might rain, but I thought I had a chance to get a few shots in (plus it was nice outside). Let me tell y’all, it got foggy as soon as I actually started shooting and POOF went all my nice straight hair. NATURAL HAIR WOES! My hair cannot handle any type of heat or fog or water lol. So that’s why my hair looked a little frizzy in my photos. Such is life y’all. Welcome to being a black girl with natural hair. I was a bit sad that my hair was not perfect, but life is full of surprises! Lesson: You can’t cry over spilled milk. Get another bottle! I’m still proud of these photos & I’m still HAIR for it! What do you think?

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“I am everything I need.” — Do not ever forget it. Repeat it. You are enough.

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Outfit details: Shoes, Skirt & Tee FOREVER 21. Pineapple & Denim Jacket ZARA.

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Photos by Alberto Lima

Bee happy.
Bee bold.
Bee you.
Bee vulnerable.
Bee fierce.
Bee sweet.
Bee strong.
Bee optimistic.
I try to remember that a bee does something impossible every day. 

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, MJ.


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