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Hello loves, new post here. I felt this one.


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This post is different. I was at a point where I just needed to rant for a bit. Bare with me. The end is worth the read.

Here we go…“The world is yours and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

I use to think that was a lie.

If it’s really true, why can’t I fly?

Truth is…you cannot always take life so literal.

Some days will suck AF.

Some days you will want to stay in bed and do nothing but stare at the ceiling.

Some days you will question God, asking what was the reason for everything that occurred in your life. (I do)

Some days I WANT to do people as dirty as they did me.

Some days you will be blank and uninspired mixed with a LOT of frustration.

Truth is the answers you want you won’t get and the questions you have will never come out.

Truth is human beings want way too much than they can chew.

WE take and take, but never give without wanting.

Sitting and re-evaluating life can make you see things so much clearer.

WE must appreciate the process.

WE must appreciate where we are currently.

Sometimes we may will feel beaten, battered, worthless.

Am I lying?

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

That’s new right because being honest with ourselves is such a task nowadays.

Putting up a front like you got your sh*t together is better?

We are not perfect. We fail. We fall. We suck at things. We question.

We run. We hide. We avoid.

We give with the expectancy to receive.

Then reject and deceive.

We reassure ourselves constantly of where we are NOT at, instead of just working towards where we could be at.

Real talk sometimes I feel the power “LESS”.

(the crowd goes wild)

Real talk try crying. It’s therapeutic.

Let it out,

Now that is necessary.

I’m tired of the selfishness, validations, irrelevant opinions, jealousy, negativity, lack of individuality.

I’m tired of the neglectfulness towards feelings that ACTUALLY matter.

Realizing your truth is a big step when mentally growing.

True beauty isn’t outward, but it grows out from the inside.

It is fed the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.

It shines so bright that others see it when you’re just being your natural self.

So much goes on in the world it’s overwhelming.

Life does not have to be this complicated as we make it.

Affirm today that you promise to bloom at your own pace because you are worthy of that.

There is POWER in patience and LOVE in genuineness.

That’s it.


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Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful week, stay inspired…xoxo MJ.


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