Keeping It Real.

Let’s be real…

People never keep it real, especially with themselves, but hopefully, after this post, you won’t be one of those people.

2019 we have a lot of things we want to accomplish, but what’s real is this… YOU WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING WITHOUT A PLAN. Show me someone who accomplished their goal without proper direction and I’ll stand corrected. 

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This year I want us to elevate ourself—mind, body, soul. What does it mean to elevate? Elevate means to rise to a more important, impressive level. With elevation, there needs to be recognition and change. I bet y’all didn’t know that! Write down what you can do to ignite that flame inside of you. Get a book specifically for this, this way you can jot down your goals for the new year. Not just any goal, but realistic goals that are attainable. Elevation of oneself also involves willingness to want to do better and get better. A lot of us say things, but our actions show something totally different. Let’s TRY DO IT. More action.

–> Next, PLAN IT OUT.

Every plan executed the right way will work out. I have been caught in 2018 not planning things out properly and then, in the end, having to rush or settle for less (or even miss out). So this year I decided that the best way to WIN, is to plan things out ahead of time. To be honest, when we make plans (lavish plans) right now we may not have all the funds or resources, but that’s okay. That’s where saving comes in. Y’all I’m literally speaking to myself in this post also. When it comes to saving, this year I’m trying to buckle down and prosper for real. So planning + saving goes hand in hand if you want REAL results. 

Okay so far, I made it clear the

importance of elevation/action + planning/saving,

the next thing I want to discuss is acknowledgment.

Acknowledge It.

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All Photos By Cassy G.

When we acknowledge something, we give it our undivided attention or recognition. That entails us becoming aware, open, and vulnerable—in some cases. You’re probably wondering what exactly I’m referring to right now, aren’t you? Bare with me. Okay, so acknowledgment is something many of us choose to ignore. We do not face the things in our life or the things about us that need changing and that can be the thing that keeps us back immensely.

Recognition ignites a decision. 

Question: Do you take accountability for your actions? I’m talking about your actions that are recognized…or do you choose to blatantly ignore it? Think about that.

Some helpful tips:

  • Deal with things head on.
  • Acknowledge where you may have done wrong.
  • Apologize first.
  • Cry if you need to.
  • Let go of excuses.
  • Make realistic resolutions.

Remember, “every level of your life will require a different version of yourself.”

 Outfit deets:

Turtleneck sweater & Booties- Boohoo, Jacket- Zara, Skirt- Forever 21, Bag- Aldo


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