Stripes for the win!


–getting my top model on!

Photographer: @DuranAndrae

Hey you! Welcome back. Glad you took the time out to check out my blog post. 

It’s Sunday, and I woke up in an extra-terrific-amazingly-great mood. We owe it to ourselves to look as good as we feel inside. Don’t you agree? I’ve been on a level of peace + happiness for the past couple of days. At work or wherever I go, I try to maintain this same attitude. What I’ve learned is this, you cannot allow someone else to determine how you feel or what you do. It really hits home for me when I look up at my wall from my bed and see “Do whatever makes you happy”. I’m determined to do just that.

The most courageous act is still to think of yourself. Aloud.


Something about stripes makes me feel dope. I love patterns, prints, and solid colors. If you are a person who never tried wearing patterns/or prints, you definitely should. Mixing them also gives you a cool-unique look. As you can tell from my photos, my stripes had me feeling myself. This is how every outfit should make you feel. 

—outfit deets: stripe-set-zara | booties-public desire | shades-sunglass spot | jacket-zara | bag-zara

This week remember to:

  • Dress how you feel
  • Worry about yourself
  • Be yourself, love yourself up, and don’t disregard your feelings
  • Smile [you never know whose day you will make]
  • Be completely honest with yourself
  • Reach those goals
  • Slay + let those haters know you are unbothered
  • WIN [I’ll always mention winning in every post]
  • Celebrate yourself, celebrate women around you, encourage + spread the love.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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19 thoughts on “Stripes for the win!

  1. Yes!! Dress for yourself! Mixing patterns and prints is amazing and it does make you feel heaps more confident. I stopped worrying about what people think and it’s anazing! Living your look here – the stripes and the fluffy coat ❤️❤️ And omg your white boots – I’m definitely going to look out for some now!!

  2. this post made me realise that I don’t own items with stripes in my wardrobe even though I love the pattern so much,well I know what I’m looking for on my next shopping trip,btw I love the shots you took;so cool x

  3. This post has such a lovely message, I completely agree that you shouldn’t let others determine the way you feel, it’s all about putting yourself first! Loved this post 💛

  4. Yesss girl you are KILLING it! You look incredible and I love how big your smile is, it’s put me in such a good mood just looking at your photos. You’re so right, no one else can determine how we feel, I’m determined to have a good week. And maybe I’ll try mixing some patterns haha! x
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  5. Excellent post, and yes, dress for yourself and your style! I love the stripes, the colours really suit you and your photos are brilliant, your smile really shines

  6. Thank you so much for your positive words today! Great newsletter. Mary Carley Creative Concepts


  7. Omg! Omg! OMGGG! Girl!! These are fire pics and I LOVE the green background against your outfit! I really enjoyed everything about this post, and I may be a little late but I love the new layout of your home page! Also I can’t wait to rock my white boot like you 😀 <3

    xx Lena |

  8. I love your opening! You can’t allow others or things to dictate how you feel; have to carry a peace on the inside. I’m in love with the red&black and the boots steal the show!

  9. I love this whole outfit! It’s such a look! Especially with the pop of green in the background! And I completely agree – we owe it to ourselves to look as good as we feel – sometimes all we need is an outfit change and we feel as invisible as we do in the inside 🙂 I can relate to not allowing someone to determine how you feel or what you do – it’s better to place your happiness within yourself rather than relying on others for your happiness.

    I personally love wearing patterns – don’t think I have many plain clothes haha – why have plain when patterns are so much fun!


  10. I’ll admit I’m not a huge lover of stripes myself, but that could be because I don’t know how to style them or the general blue / black with white seems boring to me. I’m loving the red and black combo however. Honestly that striped jumpsuit looks stunning on you! 💗

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