Let’s talk about skincare.

Hey peeps. Welcome back. Yes, double the dose of posts for this week! Amazing? YES! Oh, and there’s a surprise at the end! [I tried to link some products for you guys!]

To be honest, I never really thought of skincare as important because I always had good skin “great skin”, whatever that is right. I am not at all boasting when I say this. I was just fortunate enough not to have crazy break-outs, black marks, pimples, dark marks etc. However, that led me to feel inferior to taking care of my skin. That’s until I started to get older…(aka NOW) and I really try to do the essentials daily, “eat less junk”–chocolate & candy which is my weakness, make sure to watch my hands at all times before touching my face and just watch what I put on my face. Yeah, the essentials.

I’ve recently been asked, “What is your skincare routine?” and I honestly didn’t know what to say exactly. The reason being I use so minimum of products throughout the week, but only weekends I apply “medium-heavy” makeup. This post aims to just get a bit chatty with some products I’m currently loving, sharing my daily essentials, and getting to know a bit about your favorites!

Products I’m currently loving.


Bioré- Deep Charcoal Cleanser [daily-morning & night] BUY HERE

Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist [Prep the face, hydrates the face] BUY HERE

Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser [clean off that makeup] BUY HERE

Red Earth Beauty- NEW Pink Coconut Clay Mask (BUY HERE)

Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer in RICH (MY FAVORITE, I use this every morning. Whether I wear makeup or not. It works for me!) BUY HERE

I’m loving these products especially because they leave my face feeling so soft and smooth. I highly recommend each! TRY THEM.

Daily Essentials. Light + Easy.



— Glossier’s Balm Dot Com (PREP YOUR LIPS PEOPLE) Fun fact: I use my balm dot come on my hands when I forget my lotion. It’s such a good filler! I won’t lie to y’all.

— Glossier’s Lip Gloss [FAVORITE + another lipgloss. I like to layer like it’s the 1990s lol. #GlossGirl]

— Glossier’s Cloud Paint(s) HAZE and DAWN are my personal favorites of all time!

–Glossier’s Skin Tint in DEEP | Sidebar I want to try a different shade now that they have a variety of shades (12+). I only got deep because before they were limited to like 4/5 shades and that seemed closest to my complexion. It works, but there’s a better shade for my skin tone.

–Glossier’s Lash Slick [No honestly, one of the best mascara’s hands down. Check out this post to see the photos. I will never stop using it! It gets all your lashes and it looks like falsies, so dope!] BUY HERE

Other favorite products I love (all not pictured)


— My customized facial oil from The Buff (I absolutely LOVE this product. It includes so much natural oils: jojoba oil, blackberry seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, wild carrot seed oil, broccoli seed oil, vitamin E! Smells soooo good y’all!)

— Red Earth’s NEW: Deep Dive Water Essence 

— Glossier’s Wowder [a light powder to calm down a shiny/oily face]

— Fresh Beauty: Rose Face Mask infused with real rose petals (soooo good and leaves my face feeling soft & smooth)

— Generation Clay face mask {Check out my IG highlights here for the video!}

[sidebar: get yourself a caboodle! It’s super fun and cute. check it out here.]


Dig Deeper: Here I’m wearing only Glossier’s Skin Tint and I’m glowing. Also wearing cloud paint in dawn, asos mascara, and glossier’s lipgloss. Natural light for the win! You can find all my videos in my Instagram highlights HERE

Products I want to try…

— Glossier’s Exfoliating Solution

— Glossier’s Milky Oil Remover

— Glossier’s Super Glow Serum

— NARS Climax Mascara

— Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask [Must get this ASAP!]

I’m going to be doing another post later this month of my favorite lipsticks, lip glosses etc. so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed this. What are some of your favorite skincare products? Tell me in the comments!


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