Punch Back.


*photos by Duran Andrae*


It’s a new week, new day, new vibes, new opportunity to be better, do better.

This post will not be significantly long as my previous post, it gets straight to the point so keep reading. I know you are interested in knowing what this post is referring to by the title “Punch Back”, no worries..you’ll soon find out.

The relationships we form on a regular basis with friends, family or even the mere strangers we meet outside are sometimes formed in unexpected ways, however, they hold some type of significance in our lives. Sometimes we are impacted by how nice someone says good morning or even the kind act of someone picking up something that fell out from our hands, but how are we reciprocating these acts of kindness? Do we forget what others have done for us and treat the next person without a care in the world, or do we stop to offer that genuine love that was shown to us? My point is this, we must not forget to be nice. Something so simple can be so hard. I know the title “punch back” took you out, but I’m getting there. We must learn and unlearn through our actions every day. The way we speak, the words we say, take all of it into consideration of the other person’s feelings.

PUNCH BACK. Why am I telling you to punch back when we have learned as kids not to hit someone else, but to take the high road or even turn to other resources to handle situations? Here’s why… Punching back is not always wrong. It’s great to be nice and kind to other people, but sometimes you get so nice & kind that you become a punching bag. You take hits daily without talking back or standing up for yourself. You become that person’s outlet to get their feelings out when in actuality you are not letting yours out. You want so much for others to be happy that you begin to sacrifice your happiness. Punch back. Obviously not physically, but figuratively. People may underestimate your potential, but you must prove them wrong. This can be at work, school, or home, understand that you are not what people may think you are. God gave you a brain, He made you able, He gave you strength and He gave you peace. Don’t let other people allow you to lose sight of those things you were given…gifted. As the quote says, You are you and that is your greatest superpower, remember that this week.

Punch back, don’t be a punching bag. 

Outfit Details: Crewneck- American Apparel, Wide-Leg Pants- ZARA, Jacket- ZARA, Booties- Public Desire, Plaid Bag- BAGGU (See post for details HERE)

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  • I love how you pieced together your outfit! YES on punching back (non-physically included). You should never let someone take advantage of you, and this is a great way to make them stop. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  • Your pictures and outfit are stunning!!! It really suits you, you’re gorgeous!! xx
    I loved reading that post, it is so true, I couldn’t agree more!

  • You’ve said it so well! I am always here for acts of kindness but there is a difference between being used and being kind. It’s important to know your own worth 🙂

  • I love the sentiment from this post! It’s nice to be nice. But there definitely is a fine line between that and being TOO nice. Oh and your outfit is amazing – those trousers are just dreamy!

    Jenny in Neverland

  • Your outfit is amazing! I love how you’ve put it together. There is a fine line between nice and too nice and I think we should all “punch back” (figuratively) stand up for ourselves and know our worth.

  • I completely agree with you – I always want to be nice and to be kind to people, but I will stand up for myself when I need to. Being taken advantage of isn’t going to help you grow and be a good person. Also I absolutely LOVE these photos and your whole outfit, the colours are just incredible and you look stunning.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  • Love the message you’re sharing in this post dear. Being kind is easier said than done, especially when it comes ourselves. We hold so much potential, but occasionally life, individuals and circumstances can lead us astray. This week is about reclaiming our power and focusing on ourselves.

    Adore your outfit dear, especially those bold trousers. Punching back through your words and styling choices – I love it!


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