Show Up For Yourself.


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I get inspired to write my posts randomly and today is just what happened. Day after day we wake up and as routines go, we get things done. Whether that’s work, school, taking care of a child, providing for our families, whatever it may be, we get it done. I say this to say, what if we decided to actually show up for ourself as we show up constantly for other people? It’s crazy because I’ve been hit with the reality of how people pick and choose when to show up for me, and it didn’t make me bitter, but it made me get better.

Showing up for yourself, to me means to do things that make you uncomfortable. It means to get out that comfort zone and put your plans, dreams, and aspirations to work. It means that no matter what that voice in your head says, you surpass it and you do what you need to do. It means that you know who you are and you’re trusting yourself to make choices that serve you. 

When life hits you with situations where you have to question a person, let them go. I mean, what is the point of having someone in your life who wouldn’t show up for you like you would for them? Think about it. Let’s get back to the main course. What if you turned your “what ifs” into a reality of “I’m going to’s”? What a difference that can be for your entire life and state of mind. Too often we neglect our dreams of going beyond, for settling where we are now. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. We should be showing up and out for ourself. That same energy you are using to support other people, channel that energy into supporting yourself, showcase your gifts or starting up something you always wanted like a business, plan or idea. It is time we followed the sun. The sun is a perfect example of a routine turned into a reality. Just as the sun comes up each day and sets at night, it is serving its’ purpose. Are you? Is your routine worth anything more than paying a bill that’s ALWAYS going to need paying?

Showing up for yourself means focusing more on the bigger picture, not doubting yourself because of your “lack” for something materialistic like money, clothes, or jewelry. It goes way beyond that. It shows that even though you may not have it all, you’re not going to let that stand in the way of your happiness. It requires you to have clarity on things that you desire for yourself and that will lead you to take those steps to get there. 

Follow the sun’s example. Live your dreams and stop being mediocre when it comes to showing up for yourself. Period. Have a great day!

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  • MJ I agree with you so much sis, we should show up and show out for ourselves. The same effort we give to making sure others are good, we should apply that same attitude to ourselves. You look absolutely stunning in these photos and adore this hairstyle on you too! Keep being an inspiration to all of us sis💕

    Natonya |

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