10 Days To #TheMillerLove.

It’s 10 days until my wedding day and I am filled with butterflies! How has the time gone by so quickly? It felt like just yesterday we decided to what venue to have our wedding at and literally next week we’ll be sharing our “I do’s” in front of our closest friends and family. In today’s post, as promised it’s part of my “tell-all” wedding posts. I’m going to share 10 things people don’t know about weddings. This one will be good + surprise video at the end of the post!

10 Things People Don’t Know About Weddings (My Experience)

  1. It’s expensive as hell. Sorry, but I have to be blunt and real with you guys. Weddings are expensive so save up your coins, if you want a BIG GUEST LIST. I never understood why nobody told me this before haha and I now understand why some people decide to wait 1-2 years to plan their ‘dream’ weddings. IT MAKES SENSE NOW.
  2. It’s stressful as hell. Yup, you literally live, breathe and eat wedding stuff daily. All I see on my instagram feed is wedding things now. Every store I visit online and in-person I see something for my wedding. It. Is. Crazy. I stress over major and minor things and it can get overwhelming at times. Thank God I have friends to keep me calm.
  3. You have to always have answers. Reread that. Let it sink in. People will have so many questions about your business and will always want answers. I mean, that’s cool you want to know stuff, but have some manners and wait for me to share. And I don’t YOU OWE ANYONE ANSWERS! Period. You have to be intentional about your responses all the time!
  4. Picking a color feels like a life or death decision. How in the world did I not know that blue had so many shades?! It. Is. Bananas. You have to know the right color and shade you want from EVERYTHING: suits, dresses, napkins, table cloths, lights, flowers, ties, shirts…need I go on? My advice, do something simple so you won’t bust your brains!
  5. People will secretly HATE you & THAT’S OK. This one had to be #5 because it is real. Once someone doesn’t get an invite to your wedding, the awkwardness gets turned up a notch and they grow the biggest groins! Some may smile in your face and others are bold enough to come to ask you why they weren’t invited or where is their invitation. Excuse ME? IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU…ask them this one thing, “Are you paying for my wedding or am I?”. That would shut down that whole scene. It’s unfair, ridiculous, disgusting + hella awkward to have to explain why a person was not invited. As much as you want everyone there, it’s not reality…and you pretty much do not owe anyone an explanation for your decisions. PERIOD.
  6. The groom is always calm + relaxed. Honestly, the groom is never stressed and it stresses me out haha. They are like 30% involved in wedding planning, however, they are indeed getting what needs to be done behind closed doors. Don’t expect him to be holding your hand every step of the way sis, you got to do what needs to get done. Just being real.
  7. You may lose sight of what the day is really about. This one ties in with #6. See, sometimes with all the planning 24/7, you lose the essence of why you decided to even have a wedding. For me, #6 made me so angry with the groom because I thought he wasn’t ‘doing enough’ in terms of his interest with picking simple things for the wedding and that caused arguments in our relationship. Honestly, it is not worth it. As stressful as it can get, don’t ever lose sight of the reason behind it all, which is the love you share with that person. A wedding is only a few hours, but marriage is FOREVER!
  8. YOU NEED A WEDDING PLANNER, LIKE FORREAL. Sacrifice and get a wedding planner. I would not wish this planning on my enemy. It’s A LOT! People don’t get it. Every single detail you are enjoying on that day was handpicked and thought out (sometimes by multiple people, multiple times). I tell my friends now, don’t have a wedding based on my experience. It’s to the point where I get annoyed when people ask me “So how’s everything going?”. In my head I’m like the real answer or should I fake it? Haha. Don’t sleep on this. SAVE UP & get a wedding planner!
  9. You may lose a friend or two. This one right here! Actually, for me, I had to cut some people off and get hella choosy with who I keep as my close company. Weddings bring out the real in people. You begin to see their true colors. I love it though because I’d rather go into my marriage with really supportive people in my corner versus a fraudulent person creeping around.
  10. Your ‘IDGAF’ attitude heightens. Yup, this one is my favorite. It’s not even me trying to be rude or anything, but I don’t care about what people think 10x more now. Weddings make your eyes open in ways you would never think of. #’s 1-9 for example, and you learn more about yourself, what you can handle and what you will allow to handle in the future. Fun fact: Attention seekers are 100x more in your face being salty about an invite and it’s so sad. Beware of the snakes.
  11. One more because this is important: Little things ADD UP to big things money towards your last days! Something as small as flower girls baskets or vases for the aisle can add up to so much money. This is why #8 is so important. Pro tip: Plan ahead, write things down so you won’t forget.
  12. Okay LAST ONE. It’s your parents wedding. I won’t say anymore.

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