10 Things People Told Me About Weddings That Happened.

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So if you haven’t been here in a while, you may have missed my previous posts about my wedding; the countdowns, the ups and downs etc. I got you though! Click HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE if you want to read up + see our engagement photos!

Today makes 2 WEEKS since #TheMillerLove! 9.19.19

It still feels like yesterday! Just letting you all know I have some more wedding content to share in the future, so stay tuned & subscribe to my blog for updates! Today I’ll be keeping it real as usual about things people told me that actually happened (and some things that I wasn’t told that also happened anyway). Sorry in advance for my honesty. Let’s jump right in!

  1. “You won’t get to greet/see everyone at your wedding.” NO LIES HERE. I didn’t see a handful or so of people and I didn’t realize until the last day of my honeymoon. Crazy right? It’s possible. From the brides’ perspective, it is A LOT. So many things I couldn’t even manage to remember that day to do that I wanted to do. Majority of the people I didn’t see said that I was always “busy” hence why I didn’t see them. I mean…well yeah! It’s my wedding day.
  2. People wouldn’t SHOW UP”. This one right here I didn’t believe because how could you NOT SHOW UP TO MY WEDDING? That was paid for? Like every single seat/meal? After giving your confirmation that you would attend? Like that don’t even make sense. I won’t lie I was pissed…when I actually realized that those few people didn’t show up. I realized literally like a week later. And on top of that those persons didn’t even reach out to apologize, I had to reach out to them. The audacity right? I felt ‘hella annoyed‘ because this wasn’t a FREE event. Money was spent on your attendance & that my friends are NOTED in my book.
  3. People would crash my wedding” or “Show up who weren’t invited”. I laughed at this one because people are boldfaced. I commend their bravery. I had a couple, but no sweat seeing that #2 happened you know?
  4. Your wedding day will go by so quickly”. Honestly, it did, but it also didn’t. Let me explain… we started late due to some crazy circumstances, however, I enjoyed my entire wedding and had the time of my life! My ceremony went by a bit fast (I won’t get into detail about that today), but my reception was amazing. Very time-efficient.
  5. “You may not get to eat your food”. I can’t lie to y’all, I tried my hardest to prove them wrong! I even forced husbae to tell people “no pictures we got to eat”. People don’t want to see you eat haha. The end result, we managed to gobble down the whole plate and had to give in to #6 eventually when we saw people who came from far distances to celebrate with us lol!
  6. You will get bombarded with cameras from literally EVERYONE! I mean, this is a follow up from #1 because the photos were the driving factor of us not being able to eat peacefully for like one second haha. I get it though, people are excited (so were we) but it got real! I love the camera….but the number of smiles and photos I took that day was crazy! They didn’t lie about this one.
  7. “This would be your one day to be a celebrity”. Guess what…they were right! Haha. Soak up all the fame and eyeballs on YOU. It was extremely overwhelming at first (although I had a poker face), but it felt “good as hell” (according to Lizzo)!
  8. People would show up at your wedding empty-handed.” Husbae and I laughed at this one when going through some gifts together, especially because of #2, it was like a double whammy! Don’t show up & don’t even send a gift. Yikes! It’s honestly just disrespectful to attend someone’s wedding empty-handed. I mean, it isn’t even about the gifts, but I mean if you love and appreciate the couple, show appreciation/support with something. This goes to both Family & Friends. People need to stop being cheap. As a wise woman told me, you’ll know the people who care in the end. No love lost, but notes taken.
  9. “Prepare for mishaps”. I almost forgot about this one. This happened to me more than once on my wedding day, however, I tried my best to not get upset because of 1. This day was PAID FOR and 2. This day will only happen one time (well for me at least) so I have to live in the moment!
  10. “It will all be worth it.” Okay…everyone was right! It was all worth it, like all the craziness/stressing. I look at photos and videos people sent me and I’m in awe of how dope my wedding was! I say this not boasting at all, I promise you. HOWEVER, ladies and gents, I still don’t recommend weddings. Save your money and ELOPE! It’s totally cool too. I won’t shame you. I’ll be rooting for you 100%! 🙂

** Here’s the link to our REGISTRY! Some people have been asking still. 

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