Do you want to be POPULAR or IMPACTFUL?

I saw this question somewhere and I was immediately in deep thought. The realness of this question deserved a written post because I have some things to share that might benefit someone reading this today.

In the world today, many strive to be popular, whether it’s in the work they create/produce, the number of people who “follow them”, or from any other content they decide to let the world see. That’s nice for a moment, but when it all starts to fade, will we remember you (or it)? That’s where being impactful & intentional comes in. The time is now to think about the impact your are leaving in the footprints you leave behind. Is it positive or negative? Have you given your all for a purpose or just for praise? Was your work valued? Did you use your time wisely or foolishly? All these questions are what you should be pondering on, as you read this.

For me, I want to be impactful. I want every word written, every photo taken, every video recorded, every tip shared to be valued. Back in 2016, when I started my blog it was intentional and still is now. My love for writing is one of my passions in this life and I one day will push forward to higher heights reaching more people daily. What is your passion? Do you have any?

It is especially important to me to not just be “popular”, but to be impactful for my daughter because she needs to see what she can become and more. That sets my purpose in action.

It is our duty as human beings to live our lives to the fullest and endure all the experiences that come with it. Popularity is only for a moment, but having an impact on someone last for an eternity. Think about teachers you’ve had in the past when you were a youth, the good and the bad, what impact did they leave on your life? I can ask 10 people that question and each of them would have at-least one thing they remember their teacher did for them. As an educator, this is my goal also, to leave an imprint on my scholars so that they can be great in whatever they desire.

In whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. Let your light shine and work with a purpose. Let that be your legacy.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post left you in deep thought and actively ready to make a change in your life. Be sure to show some love or leave a comment AND follow me on my socials to KEEP UP WITH MJ!

~Written with love and with baby miller in mind. xoxo MJ!~


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