January Check In: Let’s Dive In!

Hey guys, it’s 2021! How are we feeling? Blessed, exhausted, renewed, ready or over it? So many feelings about the new year, but the ultimate one for me is blessed.

My first post for the year has to be about prayer because guess what, it changes the game in so many unexpected ways. We often associate prayer with wanting something from God, but it’s also about being thankful to Him for what He does for us and through us. In terms of my prayer life, it has elevated throughout my pregnancy. I have seen God work and show me so much favor throughout this journey and I wanted to share that little testimony with you guys because I have so much!

Disclaimer: So for the sake of transparency, I do plan to do a youtube video surrounding my entire pregnancy journey and also have a Q&A segment in case you guys have questions for me and husbae! So, make sure you go subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss the upcoming videos I have for you guys. Subscribe HERE!

My pregnancy journey has been the smoothest thing ever. I have not experienced the terrible side that most women experience and I honestly think it has a lot to do with me speaking into existence what I wanted it to be like and praying about it from the start. WORDS HOLD POWER. Please remember that. I’m a living testimony of that. I took photos documenting my journey and I’m constantly looking at them in awe that pregnancy has been so good to me. I’m not going to lie to you guys, there was a few things that I did not enjoy about being pregnant. Those things were: side sleeping at night with a big belly (the absolute worst thing for me because I’m a belly sleeper lol), having to remember to grease and rub my belly every morning and night, lack of independency haha. Let’s get into that last one. I’m usually a do-it-yourself type of gal, but while pregnant I couldn’t always do it all like I used to. Things like rearranging my living room, climbing on chairs to hang or stuck things up, tying my shoes (this one I didn’t mind because husband was a gem haha) etc.

Things I didn’t experience:

  • No morning sickness
  • No diarrhea
  • No heartburn
  • No swollen feet (only like twice when I sat for too long i one spot)

Can you imagine that? God really came through for me. I prayed for this and he delivered. The one thing that did happen was my blood levels being low because I was iron deficient, so I had iron treatments for that in five doses (through an IV). Talk about a drag because I absolutely HATE needles! I’ll cover this more in-depth in my video so I’ll stop here.


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Okay, thanks for reading guys. Have a great week! xoxo MJ

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