Bye Bye Comfort Zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never an easy task, then again taking any step onto an new path is scary. Should that stop us? Should we be so afraid or caught up in what seems familiar that we X out every other possible new venture? In case you do not know the answer,… Continue reading Bye Bye Comfort Zones.

a new mindset.

The need for having a new mindset when handling situations is so important. Many times we find ourselves doing the same things over and over, hoping to have a different outcome, but.. HOW can you have a different outcome when repeatedly doing the same thing? Simple: You can’t. A new mindset will give you new… Continue reading a new mindset.

self talk + self encouragement.

Just to reiterate from one of my previous posts “communicate”, talking to yourself is not you being crazy. Self-talk encourages so much more ideas and thought. It gives you a sense of comfort and enables you to realize that it is okay to BREATHE. You'll realize that through self talk, you are reassured that things… Continue reading self talk + self encouragement.


taking the time to communicate is important. before you read remember, talking things out is more beneficial and it gives room for growth. take time to communicate and express how you feel. take time to let out all the hurt that has been built up, because what good is it to keep it all locked… Continue reading communicate.

how to get the best photos + must have apps.

So I have gotten a lot of compliments on my photos on instagram (as well as my blog) on how beautiful and clean my photos are, so I decided to write up a quick post to let you guys in on what I use. I guess this can be some ‘Quick Tips & Tricks’ to… Continue reading how to get the best photos + must have apps.

tips to living stress-free.

Many people go about their day to day life being stressed out, unhappy and not living up to the standards that they are suppose to. Why do “we” stress ourselves out so much daily? Why can’t we just forget about the burdens life brings us and be carefree? How can we change this and be… Continue reading tips to living stress-free.

reality check.

Time to give ourselves a reality check! So many times we take life for granted. Read this, it will definitely change how you approach life! Dear ME or Whomever may be reading this, Stop rushing. Stop fussing. Stop worrying. Stop complaining. Stop comparing. Stop crying. Just stop for one second, clear your mind for a… Continue reading reality check.

try new things.

Why are people so afraid to step out their comfort zones and try new things? Nothing is wrong with doing something out of your element, that is the beauty of life. Life is full of risk taking, messing up & starting all over again. This post I will give some tips on how to go… Continue reading try new things.

tips for dealing with HATERS.

Everyone at some point in their life have been held victim to hate, whether it has been hate from a stranger, co-worker, relative or past/present ‘friends’. The question is how do we correctly go about dealing with a situation like this? Here are some do’s and don’ts: Do kill them with kindness. People who hate… Continue reading tips for dealing with HATERS.