Beware of the snakes.

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Photos by Cassy G.

Happy Tuesday y’all. I’m getting caught up posting on Tuesdays now, instead of Sundays but I hope this change didn’t throw you guys off! Bare with me. By the title of today’s post, I know that you’re a bit curious to read more to find out what I’m referring to…so in that case let’s get into it!

Always be aware.

the fake ones. the pretenders. the sneaky ones. the “fibbers”. the smile in your face, but talk behind your back. the fake supporters. the lookers. the envious.

Too many times we feed into the traps of what seemed good for us, not knowing it was all a facade. More and more I begin to see clearly what my grandmother and mother been warning us about when it comes to people who act like they want to see you succeed, but deep down they have that burning envy and false hope for you to not make it. I cannot stress enough how much of an importance it is for you to recognize who’s in your corner and who is not when it comes to climbing that ladder of reaching your goals. I feel like I say this somehow in every post I write, but when something is for you, nothing or no one can disrupt that. You’ll always win. I read something this weekend that said: “You have to know the difference between support and surveillance”.  How true is that statement? I mean, if you’re a social media butterfly, you know that the likes and comments and love come in flowing like a river constantly. However, not all love is actual love. Some people are there literally watching your every move, and staying silent. To be honest, in a way you should feel good because you’re so important, you have them coming back 24/7 watching, envying and admiring you! Haha, BUT on a serious note Y’all,

beware of the snakes.

Don’t get caught up. I’m at a point in life where my prayer to God is for him to eliminate what doesn’t help me evolve. If you are not with me 100% I’d rather you leave. There is literally no time to waste on things that don’t push us to be our best. Yes things, not just people can hold us back. Things like procrastination, doubts, fears…things we are all too familiar with can constantly stand in the way of us becoming who we want to be.

Remember: “When the grass is cut, the snakes will show”.

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Have no worry, have no fear.

Hello, my loves!

Today’s post is a bit personal, but I aimed to just shed my thoughts and encouragement on how to cope and elevate when dealing with fear. We normally associate fear with darkness, for the mere fact that it is something that we do not welcome in our lives, however, did you know it can harbor a permanent place within your life if you don’t make a change now?



Fear is something that can make you or break you. 

Hear me out,

That vulnerable thing you want to do keeps pressing your mind every day, but you keep ignoring it.

You question yourself because you’re uncertain.

You second guess yourself because your confidence is running on zero.

Add a cup of fear to that equation and what do you get?

A person who never take risks, try new things, do the impossible, elevates, but stay stagnant and the list goes on…

I have been there.

I’ve allowed fear to take a permanent place in my life.

I’ve given up before even trying and allowed the opinions of others to cloud my judgment.

I fed my soul negativity before quenching my thirst with positivity.

There’s something about rejection that has always made me fearful of going for it.

I never like to hear “no” or “sorry you didn’t get this”.

It’s crazy when I think about it because when I look back at all the “No’s” I’ve received in my life, it has all led up to my current YES situation.

Short backstory:

Since I’m being totally transparent, I remember back in 2016 while in college looking for a job, I  that Zara was hiring. In my mind then, I never thought of working at Zara simply because I thought then it was “high end” lol. So immediately I fed myself that negative thought. However, I still decided to go for it so I applied.  I didn’t tell a soul (maybe just my boyfriend), went for the interview, and got a call that evening asking me to come in to fill out the paperwork. Just like that. I can’t make this up. To be honest, I was in such awe. The fear of putting myself out there, God crushed it by proving ME wrong. And I have so much more similar experiences like this.

Fear can eat you up and spit you out, then repeat.

It allows you to be surface level vs sky high.

It confuses your mind and fluctuates your thoughts.

If we make fear feel at home within us, it will stay permanently.

Don’t allow that.

Be fearLESS.

Facetune_26-12-2018-21-30-13 2

All photos by @DuranAndrae

In order to make fear a thing of the past, here are some tips:

  1. Pray. Build on your relationship with God. The stronger your relationship with God is, the better you get with handling situations where you might feel unsuitable for a role or aghast in an opportunity. God is bigger than your fears and he is MORE THAN ABLE to take them away, once you’re willing to let go and trust Him.
  2. Practice using positive affirmations. As simple as this is to do, for many people it’s tough. Not everyone can encourage themselves or be positive in situations that make them cringe inside. However, with great practice you can become perfect and affirming yourself will be easy peasy! Positive affirmations hold so much power, more than we realize. Think about how much stronger you will be when a negative thought comes into your mind. That’s the power we have within us.
  3. Put on a brave face and push through it. The amount of times I did this is unattainable to even count! Sometimes you have to just do it. PERIOD.
  4. Create and build your own personal support system. That may include your closest friends and family, anyone you can clearly see is going places, positive, open to hearing your thoughts and most importantly, has a love for God. 

Bible scripture: Psalm 23:4- “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I do hope that this post gave you some help, guidance or motivation to push through and block out fear. It’ll take time, but good things come to those who wait and work diligently.

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25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.

Inspired by Alex Elle’s #1AffirmationADay


Take one or two or three and go for the day! Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself…

Today I affirm:

  1. I am not finished growing yet and I cannot beat myself up for things that I have not yet accomplished.
  2. I require love + care, just as plants need water + sunlight to grow.
  3. I am not a robot. I feel, I make mistakes, I hurt, I grow.
  4. I will not compare nor contrast myself or parts of myself to anyone.
  5. Not everything seen on social media is true, the grass isn’t always greener, so don’t be fooled.
  6. I am filled with unmatchless potential, power and perseverance to accomplish anything.
  7. God allows certain things to happen to teach me lessons and to see if I will still stay strong.
  8. The only person you should seek validation from is yourself and God.
  9. YOU ARE ENOUGH. I am enough. (Tell yourself this on your worse days.)
  10. If I want to see change, I have to be the change and make the change happen.
  11. In order to succeed I need to work hard, there are no shortcuts or fast lanes.
  12. I will love myself because self-love is important and vital to my growth.
  13. I will shine in the face of my enemies and show love to those who hurt me in the past.
  14. If I stay focused on my goals, I can reach them all.
  15. When things get hard I will not run away, instead, I will face them and conquer them.
  16. Communication involves listening to what the other person says also. 
  17. I need to be patient with myself. I am delicate.
  18. I will speak life into every opportunity. I will not be negative.
  19. One closed door only means that God is getting me ready for the next open one.
  20. I can make my dream a reality
  21. I will look at my cup half full, instead of half empty on my darkest days because those are my hardest days.
  22. I will be genuine at all times.
  23. I deserve everything that I’ve ever dreamed of having.
  24. When I look in the mirror, I will see a reflection of beauty because God created me perfect the way I am.
  25. I inspire people who don’t acknowledge me. 

“It’s hard trying to be positive when negative thoughts fluster your mind.

Trust me, I felt this on level 100 recently.

Truth is deep down I want to point fingers because my human self-needs someone to blame for everything wrong.

However, sometimes you have the point the finger back at yourself and re-evaluate everything you’re going through.

That’s called taking accountability for what you contributed to whatever it is…

That is the hard part.” 

I listened to a “motivational speaker” one day on IGTV and that is what I gained. How refreshing is it to feel revived after a moment of defeat? I wrote these affirmations to encourage myself and you all that no matter what we may be feeling, it’s only temporary. God is going to open that closed door and bless you. I claim all the blessing now.

  • Understanding oneself
  • Accepting Oneself,
  • Being Oneself.

All a part of the growth process. We are all still growing. Don’t beat yourself up. — MJ

Thank you so much for reading! Have a beautiful + motivational week! xoxo MJ.

Color Factory NYC + Tips!

Happy Colorful Sunday Loves!


Okay, if you know me you know that I loooove taking photos, so it was only right that I took a trip to NYC’s pop-up “The Color Factory”! TBH, I almost missed this adventure due to last minute setbacks however, I made it!

Before I jump in with the deets and colorful photos, I want to leave you guys with some motivation to keep going throughout the week! Stay tuned. Bare with me. AND read to the end.

TIPS: Take one and go on for the week!

  • There will be times where you may want to give up, but remember every time you decide to quit that there is someone out there who is wishing you do. I know, that was not what you expected to read, but it’s the truth. Not everyone who smiles in your face and pats you on the back wants to see you succeed. It does not matter how much they publicly compliment you, behind closed doors, they are want to see you fail.
  • Keep going. Don’t give in. Don’t allow that negative energy to consume you. Instead push on through.
  • Smile, even when things may be going downhill. You really never know who you can impact by just showing that act of kindness with a smile.
  • Ignore. Plain and simple. The temptation will always be there to answer and feed into people’s nonsense, but ignoring really will take you up the high road!
  • Have fun, every single day. Every day is a blessing, treat it as such.

Sooo.. the color factory was amazing! It’s cool because it allows you to go solo. They have self-timer camera’s and they assign you these cards to scan on those cameras to take the photos! Plus, the photos are emailed instantly to you so you can post and go! How dope! Also, there are like 10+ rooms to explore and all the rooms are picture worthy! If you live in NYC, take a trip fast before it’s over.

Here are some amazing photos of my adventure!Processed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_0269IMG_0273IMG_0275


Probably my favorite part was the macaroons!!!

IMG_0270IMG_0265IMG_0278IMG_0276Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with 3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

BONUS! They gave a map with a bunch of different spots around NYC colorful experiences (walls, places, challenges etc.). Great for bloggers and photographers!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a prosperous week! xoxox MJ!

Put God First.

Hello loves!

I hope you are having a beautiful start to AUGUST. Now that you’ve decided to stop by, stay tuned because this post will be great and I hope it resonates well in your minds.


Put God first.
I understand that everyone may not have the same beliefs as I do, but I can’t go against the main fact that God has always provided for me and my family. It’s pressing on my heart to just share that without God, I don’t know where I’d be, what I’d be, or who I’d be. Sometimes we lose sight of what God has done for us and where he brought us from, but today I want to remind you that God sees and knows your heart. Others may judge you by your outward appearance, but God judges us from the heart. 

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Was that clear?
Let me repeat, DO NOT PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT IN THE EYES OF OTHERS, TO PLEASE THEM. Two things happen when we “pretend”: 1) We lose sight of who we really are and 2) The act we put on will one day overtake us and we then literally lose everything. To be honest, did you really have it all in your “pretending” life? The answer is NO. I’m not going to lie to y’all, sometimes it can get hard to fully trust in God. It’s scary just putting yourself out there and trusting fully on Him, in terms of job opportunities, relationships, and difficult life decisions, but honestly, the most rewarding feeling is knowing He has our backs. 

I’ve been experiencing a lot the last few weeks, but what I have learned is God will never take you somewhere and leave you. Everything that occurs in our lives is for a reason. That’s crazy when you think about ALL the things you have been through, BUT this is a FACT. Think about all the people you view as successful, they were not always SUCCESSFUL. They struggled. They were discouraged. They were disappointed. They had to fight to get where they are. They worked hard even though they were told NO. As harsh as it is to imagine, God took them through their situations for a reason and it’s not our job to figure out those reasons.

I am depending on God to lead me on the path he has for me, so should you. Don’t think it will be an easy road. What good would it be to not be tested here or there? God tests us to see how strong we are and how willing we are to keep going and trusting in Him. The devil will try to break us, but always remember God sees and will always be with us. No matter how hard life gets, I always remember these texts in the bible that says:

“7 Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8 (King James Version)

We live in a world where everyone thinks they know what is best for us. Everyone wants to speak loud and be heard, but in actuality, they are not saying anything that has substance or will stick within us. Ignore the talkers. Open your ears to the Lord instead as he guides you throughout your life.

Thank you for stopping by, xoxo MJ.

Positivity wins every time​.

Hello loves, stepping into a new week like… 


Photos by Duran Andrae (@duranandrae on IG)

Let’s start it off with some positivity.

Today’s post literally popped in my mind and I decided to just go with it. Since becoming a blogger I have been learning myself more and also been trying to be vulnerable more in my daily lifestyle. I’ve written a previous post called Reclaiming The Word Vulnerable, where I discuss the pros of vulnerability and how in some ways it is not such a terrible thing. Go take a read after if you have time, but today I just wanted to share some positiveness with you guys because there are so many things to be thankful for. With all the shootings, killings and overall horror going on in the world today, it is prevalent to keep our heads up and our hearts set on God!

First of all, celebrate yourself. Celebrate your ups AND your downs. Yes, I wrote your downs too. Many people go through situations that may not have been the best, grow from it and move on. In my opinion, I think you WE need to look back at that situation and see it as something that made us get better, push harder, fight the fight and walk the walk. Celebrating your downs gives off a liberating feeling of “YOU KNOW WHAT I FAILED, BUT IT HAPPENED FOR A REASON.” Think about it. The job you did not get, the girlfriend/boyfriend who was no good, the friend who was fake, the teacher who doubted you, the class you failed, the child who disrespected you, the boss who did you wrong, the co-worker that schemes on your success, the manager who wants to sabotage your job, the church memeber who lied on you etc., all the things that happened was for your good. Do not dwell on it or let it consume you.


Second thing, RE-EVALUATE yourself. See what you can brush up on and make better. Is your attitude positive or negative? Are you trying as hard as you can to get what you want or are you lazy? What excuses have you made lately to cover up what needs to get done? (That question just hit me in the face y’all, because I have made soooooo many excuses lately to not do stuff!) Are you stagnant? Make MONEY MOVES. PERIOD. We are hindering ourselves from success. Sometimes we need to hear it from someone else for it to resonate in our minds and that’s fine. Opportunities don’t come to those who just sit around and are not working, GET UP! Re-evaluate your life and do whatever necessary to get where you want to be.

Be your best, even in your hardest times. As I’ve written before in my previous post Your Season Is Coming, remember that everything takes time. Don’t get discouraged and do not let negative thoughts consume your mind.

Try to be optimistic every day. Positivity gives you an open mindset. “Being positive does not mean that you ignore life’s less pleasant situations, but it means that you are taking a stand to approach those situations in a more productive way”. That was a deep quote! Something as simple as smiling can release the endorphins in your brain to make you feel a bit happier. You are the captain of your own ship when you choose how you respond to other people’s MESS. I’m preaching to myself right now because I have not mastered this yet. I still answer people based on my feelings at the moment, without taking a deep breath and staying calm. This is hard, but it would be such a rewarding thing to master. So today I encourage you (and myself) to take time to be positive and think before we speak.

LASTLY remember this, as Denzel Washington said “Fail big. To get something you never had you have to do something you never did. Take risks, keep striving never give up…fall down 7 times and get up 8. If you don’t fail you’re not even trying. FAIL BIG, you will lose. embarrass yourself, you will SUCK at something.” Do what you love and what you’re passionate about!

Outfit details: Top- ASOS, Jeans- H&M, Shoes- STEVE MADDEN, Bag- ALI-EXPRESS

Remember that positivity wins every single time.

Thank you for stopping by,

Enjoy your week, xoxo MJ.

Photo Diary: Grad Shoot.





I realized after writing up my What’s Next? blog post that I have over 300+ grad shoot photos that are literally all so dope! So I wanted to put together another post highlighting my favorite photos (even though it was so hard to choose)! These images were all taken by Duran Andrae. I hope you enjoy this photographic diary because it was so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.

what’s next?

Humans have a tendency of wanting to know what’s going on, ALL THE TIME! Like 24/7, no breaks, no heads up, no chill, no nothing its bananas.
That’s cool, but give me a break. Please.

[Real. Raw. Respect.]

01. Real.


I am a new college graduate, which means I’m supposed to have my life figured out already, 10,000 job offers on the table or a secured job stacked away, a family, a house, a baby, a glow of success, money stashed, ideas planned, a life plan, health insurance, life insurance, happiness, no fears, no doubts, and most importantly ANSWERS to everyone’s questions on MY LIFE 🙂. Sounds familiar? Is that real enough for ya? I hope it was because I was being super sarcastic. Keeping it 1000% REAL, we do not like being asked: “WHAT’S NEXT?” It literally grinds our gears. What’s real is that sometimes we do not have all the answers you are looking for and to be honest THAT’S OKAY.

Can we recuperate from this HUGE accomplishment?
I mean we literally just walked across the stage and collected our diplomas. We did not expect to be bombarded with questions as soon as we stepped off the stage. WOW. Can we breathe?

02. Raw.


Let people underestimate you. To be honest, you should be honored when someone underestimates you because you are now in control! I read somewhere once that “Being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. Embrace it.” How deep and true is that statement? You have the upper hand because 1. you know exactly what you are capable of doing and 2. you can take advantage of that opportunity and take over the world!

Prove people wrong. Here’s my story that I rarely discuss: When I began my education program, my advisor for the department was not supportive of me. She did not think I could have the “perfect grades” and maintain those grades throughout the program all because of the previous semester (while I was still a math major), I got my first F in a course (which brought my whole GPA down). My first feelings were to report her, then to say some stuff that would be out of character but instead, the chair-person got involved. He was very supportive and gave me all the encouragement I needed. He looked at all my previous grades, not just the one F I received previously and knew I was a smart girl with a bright future. He told her to sign me up for the courses and give me a chance. Let’s say I got all A’s that semester! And proved her wrong. I continued to prove her wrong every semester after that. As an education major you cannot have a GPA under a 3.5 or else you would get kicked out the program however, I managed to sustain that GPA throughout everything.
Fun fact: I became super close with her to the point where my last semester she gave me so much well wishes and told me I would be a great teacher in the future. Isn’t life crazy? You never know what the outcome will be.

03. Respect.


Let me respect the process. Understand that people will not always believe in you. They would say whatever it takes to break you and make you feel lesser than you are. I can recall situations in college where some of my professors were not encouraging at all and others who were just so inspiring and wanted me to succeed. Those are the types of qualities I looked for in my teachers and the qualities I aspire to have in my classroom in the future.

As a young adult it is prevalent to develop an attitude that when others see you, they know you have a purpose. It is in those craziest moments of your life where you have to show people who you really are, by maintaining a good attitude and a positive spirit. Don’t let people make you sweat, instead make them sweat by your abilities, qualities, smile, personality and overall lifestyle…regardless of how cruel they are. It’s not always easy, but it’s always a satisfying feeling in the end. This is something I truly hope to adopt in every single situation, where it will become the norm for me!

SOOO WHAT’S NEXT? Life. New Beginnings. & God leading the way!


All photos were taken by Duran M, @DuranAndrae (on IG).

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.

who are you?



What do you think of yourself? Do you think of yourself like how God thinks of you? Or do you think of yourself as how FRIENDS and FAMILY members think of you? —that’s the realest questions you’ll ever have to ask yourself.

As I grow older I tend to ask myself a lot of questions, mostly because life is beginning to get super real (the older you get people). I noticed that in order to be fully vulnerable with anyone else, you first have to be vulnerable with yourself (and God). To be honest, life can be ‘hella scary’ and that’s the truth! It’s like you do not want to make the wrong decision and be a disappointment ever, but reality sets in and you realize that it’s inevitable to not make a few mistakes along the way. BUT Is it really okay? Be real, sometimes I feel like it’s not okay…and that’s also OKAY! Let me explain. See I know people in my inner circle support me with everything in them, but I question myself sometimes when I think of if I ever “failed”. I know failure is an option, but for how long?  

Will I accomplish my goals?
Will I be the person I envisioned myself being?
Will I be able to provide/support myself fully?
Will I have no regrets in the future?
So many questions, so little time. Time is flying by. BLINK…it’s MAY y’all! 

When I begin to freak out, I get back to the original question which is “Who am I?” You have to know who you are, regardless of whether you are where you want to be or not (life lesson, take notes). I have learned that fear is something that can make you or break you. I have and still experience how procrastination can consume you and make you feel like it’s OKAY to relax. A big fat lie. Back in April, I wrote those questions (from the beginning of my post) on my chalkboard in my room and literally every time I felt down and out I looked up and it gave me strength! The power of having things around you to get you back in the game when you need it the most. I recommend you giving it a try!

Whenever you are faced with the question: “Who are you?” Your answer should always be “A child of the King”. All my life my mother have been reassuring my siblings and I of this important fact and I honestly get it now fully. Your worth is priceless. No one should ever feel like they could speak to you any way they want or treat you nothing less than a king or queen. So many times I have witnessed arguments/fights on the street where people allow men/woman to embarrass, degrade and put them down in public! That’s the lowest of the lows. No one should ever have that much authority over your life to be able to do that to you. KNOW WHO YOU ARE. KNOW YOUR WORTH.

People who know their worth do not have to prove themselves.
People who know who they are do not have to show off and show out.
People who know what a blessing feels like show it in their actions.

Remember who you are at all times. Write it down, memorize it, eat/breathe/and sleep knowing it! You are you and that is your superpower.

I hope this short post gives someone some type of comfort, inspiration, and motivation to keep going and to be proud of who you are. I was feeling like I was not giving content since mid-April, but as soon as I sat down to write a post (not knowing what to write) this topic came to mind. Honestly, I’m glad it did because I wrote it for myself as well. I do wish you all the best in this new month. HAPPY MAY 2018!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.

2 year blogversary: some truths.

Hello, my loves!

Snapseed 6

Welcome to KUWMJ! This week is very special to me because I am celebrating two years since I started/launched Keeping Up With MJ to the public. This is super exciting for me because I honestly never thought I would be a blogger and love it so much! I know what you’re thinking, two years it should already have set in…but no it’s still fresh to me! So today’s post I decided to share with you guys some of my truths about being a part-time blogger. It’s only right that I let you in my head once again! Stay with me til the end of this post because I have something up my sleeve!

Blogging truths

Being a blogger is HARD.

— You’re literally your own photographer (the majority of the time), you have to come up with topics that are interesting for your readers (I mean for me it’s whatever I’m feeling), you have to be honest, REAL and VULNERABLE. Okay, let’s discuss that part right there. You have to be honest, real and vulnerable. This is what keeps your readers coming back. I think about this all the time because when I decide to read something it has to be interesting, real and I have to feel connected. At times I feel like “I can write this, it’s okay” and other times I’m like “Omg, I hope I’m not judged for being this REAL”. To each his own!

A lesson I’ve learned and I’m continuously learning is that you’ll get what you put out. If you’re genuine and passionate about what you write, your readers will rock with you. My love for writing alone is my passion, so I have no doubt that people can relate.

Snapseed 3Blogging gives you freedom.

— I feel like have all the power right at my fingertips. I literally come up with the majority of my posts the night before or the day of. No lie. That’s just what works for me. Some people plan out blog posts (recommended if you’re not like me) and schedule when they will post, but for me that never works. To be honest, all throughout college I have been writing papers the night before it’s due, so what makes y’all think I’d be any different with my blog postings? haha. This is what works for me. Although, as a future teacher I have to get super organized so maybe at my next blogversary I’d be testifying about that!

You may get discouraged.

— To be honest, I think every blogger has been here. You get a bit discouraged when you run out of ideas for your posts or you see some other blog and start comparing. RULE #1: Do not compare and do not change your style of blogging for anyone. Be yourself. You may get discouraged at first, but find your niche and stick to that. Once that is done you’ll have the right following and support.

The blogging community is pretty supportive.

Snapseed — I never thought that I’d meet so many new people virtually before. Honestly, through twitter’s blogging chats and other outlets, I have discovered so like-minded bloggers and the support has been real. I remember when I first started there was this blogger who I met on twitter who literally helped me with some tips and tricks for fixing up my blog. I think that was so nice of her to do because she literally did not have too. And here I am getting asked questions from new bloggers, what I use to ask when I started. It’s a blessing to help and as bloggers, we have to support each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s literally fun.

— The amount of love I receive is unexplainable. The amount of annoying emails I receive is unbearable (lol). The amount of opportunities I’ve recently received is promising. The amount of photos I have taken is ridiculous. The amount of criticism I’ve gotten is…wait…haven’t gotten any actually. The amount of people that have told me I’ve inspired them is amazing. The amount of photoshoots I’ve done is literally my favorite part. I just love pictures y’all…BUT, overall…I love everything about my journey.


In honor of my blog’s two-year bloversary, I’ve decided to throw a GIVEAWAY of beauty products! All you have to do is follow the rules and you might be the lucky winner! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRIZE & RULES!


choices and consequences.

Hello friends!


I’m happy to be able to see a new day, a new opportunity to determine my future, a new chance at life. Today’s post stems from a dream I had about how one decision can ruin your entire life. I don’t usually share my dreams a lot, but this one is necessary and it taught me so much and it changed my view on life. ACTUAL LIFE AND FREEDOM. Stay tuned until the end, this is an important read.

Choose YOU.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and we think back like “how did I get here?” Sometimes we even find ourselves so deep that we feel like we cannot come out, so we say “it is what it is”. I have seen myself do this way too many times. Honestly, that is the mindset a lot of people out there have and that is why they are where they are right now.

My dream.

I had a dream last night, that has really changed my whole entire mindset. In my dream I was in a school setting, regular day talking to my friends. It so happened that this girl and I got into a heated discussion. She said something, then I did and so on and so forth. She then went on to saying something about my mother and everyone knows when you talk about people’s mother you crossed the line! Something like the point of no return…I then proceeded to get up out my seat towards her and I pushed her chair. Hard enough so that she then fell to the floor and I walked out the classroom steaming mad. Seems like a regular school altercation right? Do you remember something like this occurring in your childhood days, like something small, seemingly harmless than you did OUT OF ANGER? Think about it.

This dream went further… As I sat outside on the steps trying to calm down, two of my friends came running towards me. I then gave them my attention, coming to find out that the girl who’s chair I pushed, fell head first and was basically having some type of seizure. I began to panic. I began to think of all the worse outcomes. I proceeded to go back upstairs, to then have someone tell me that she was not breathing. The girl was dead. I do not recall any teachers being present, but I began to freak out.

I began to think of my future being crumbled. I instantly wanted my mother. Isn’t it crazy how it’s when we find ourselves in the toughest of situations, we want our parents first? Does not matter the age. I began to think of how my name would be messed up in the court system and how I would be seen/and labeled as a murderer for something so small that turned so big. Imagine the consequences I would face, not ever seeing my loved ones again “freely”. The future I set for myself, everything I worked for would never be a reality because of that one decision to react to what an irrelevant girl said about my mother. 

The takeback lesson

This is the life of someone every day. Children who end up in juvie, men/woman who go to prison based on one bad choice they made. No one ever wakes up thinking that’s their last day of freedom.

We cannot let ourselves get to the point of anger and rage that we act on those emotions in a situation where we could just walk away or simply ignore someone. People are faced with real life punishments today because they acted on impulse, not knowing that the outcome would be fatal and detrimental. Today I just want you to remember that life is serious. Take it seriously. Way out all options before making any decision. You work hard to get where you are…and even harder for where you want to be. Do not let one bad decision ruin your entire life.


You control your destiny. Choose the right path.
Words CANNOT hurt you, nor does it define you. Ignore them.
God can give you the strength to resist the urge of responding.
Think before you act.

– “Anger does not solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.”

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protect your energy.

Hello loves and welcome to a new month, APRIL!


So, I am so baffled as to how fast April snuck up on us, but such is life and time. It is going ever so quickly which only means that we have to stay caught up! In today’s post I am focusing on ways WE can protect our energy, because the Lord knows there is so much negativeness (as well as negative people) out there, sometimes clear as day, but other times in disguise. So get comfortable and enjoy this read.

When I think of protecting my energy, what I honestly think of is simply protecting my space, what goes in and out of my ears, and what I allow to influence me. Anyone else agrees? I’m sure I’m not alone on this. This sort of reminds me of those times where your parents tell you to watch who keep as friends because sooner or later you’ll start acting like them or picking up their tendencies? I know I never use to really understand that because I thought I knew what I was doing, but truth be told they had a point. We pick up the energy according to who or what we surround ourselves with.

Okay…picture this…
You listen to someone’s story and that story is depressing, sad, dreary and just filled with a whole lot of problems that you cannot help them with. How do you think you’ll leave that person feeling? And do not sit there and say you’ll be perfectly fine afterward because I have experienced the draining feels after such times. That was not what I wanted around me. That energy from that person, consumed me which is not what we want around us.


Just as we can get unwanted energies around us, the same way it is possible for us to adopt positive ones. It all depends on if we follow these tips:

Put up your guard.

Okay if you’ve been rocking with me, you know that I have written a post previously entitled “Let Your Walls Down”. However, in this case, it is necessary to have your guards up. Let me explain. You have to take control of what you allow to consume your time and space. Stay away from people who are always complaining, people who nag all the time, people who are very angry or violent and lastly people who are just not positive at all. Those people will bring you to a low place you do not want to be.

Surround yourself with power.

When I say “power” I actually mean powerful people, not the show power (although that is my show y’all.) When you have powerful people around you, you tend to adopt that energy that they give off. This is a positive influence you will be allowing for your life. These benefits are endless.

Create a place that encourages calmness.

I’ve heard that some people have “sacred places”, but I encourage you to just have a place in your house where you do not allow any negativity inside. Set your boundaries and stick to it. For me, this place is my bedroom. I try to have so much empowerment in there to always bring up my spirits instead of leaving me in s slump when I’m having a bad day. This place of calmness also is a no complaining zone, no angry zone and a no arguing zone.
Fun fact (well kind of personal): I now understand why my boyfriend would rather have some conversations outside his home, due to sometimes where conversations can lead to arguments (yes we are human, we argue sometimes lol). I totally get it now. He’s just protecting his place of positive energy. This is so important.

Have love in your heart.

Yes, we all think we truly have love in our hearts, but do we really? Love is a powerful protection when it comes to our energy. How you may ask? Let me tell you. WE have to be a living representation of love, wherever we are, wherever we go. We have to stay positive, even when we have the most negative thoughts. Replace the negative thoughts with positivity.

Keep positive affirmations.

For me I like affirmations so this is one of my favs. Honestly, this is another positive tool. When we affirm something, we speak it into existence. When we speak things into existence, we are allowing God to step in and have full control over our lives. The rest is history! Many people don’t really see the need for it, but it is so essential for a prosperous, whole and healthy life. This helps protect our energy in ways beyond you and me. (Below I’ll have a list of affirmations.)

Bonus: Stay balanced.

Let go of the negativity inside you by breathing in and out. By doing this we are cleansing our bodies. We can balance out the negative and positive by reminding ourselves of the reasons why we want to protect our energies from the beginning.
Reasons like: clearer mind, meaningful relationships, calmness in our life, more awareness to say no etc.

Following these simple tips can take us so far. Here are some positive affirmations. Feel free to post this to pinterest!


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