5 ways to get over disappointment.

To disappoint is defined as, “To defeat the fulfillment of hopes, plans etc.” Disappointment happens in many forms, either someone can be disappointed in you or vice versa. The question comes when we have to ask ourselves what are we going to do about the situation, how can we deal with the feeling and makeContinue reading “5 ways to get over disappointment.”

tips for dealing with HATERS.

Everyone at some point in their life have been held victim to hate, whether it has been hate from a stranger, co-worker, relative or past/present ‘friends’. The question is how do we correctly go about dealing with a situation like this? Here are some do’s and don’ts: Do kill them with kindness. People who hateContinue reading “tips for dealing with HATERS.”

truth about being alone.

Who said being alone was a bad thing? Getting to know and understand yourself, figuring your purpose and finding out who you are can never be a bad thing. Women in particular are more shunned for not being in serious relationships by their peers, family members, even public figures, but is this really something thatContinue reading “truth about being alone.”

the “getting to know yourself” checklist.

What makes you you? Ever sat down and asked yourself that question? I have. You will be surprised at what you discover about yourself when you actually sit and just think. Understanding what you like from what you don’t, figuring out what makes you happy from what makes you upset, accepting all your flaws andContinue reading “the “getting to know yourself” checklist.”