Bye Bye Comfort Zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never an easy task, then again taking any step onto an new path is scary. Should that stop us? Should we be so afraid or caught up in what seems familiar that we X out every other possible new venture? In case you do not know the answer,… Continue reading Bye Bye Comfort Zones.


You should bask in this moment, here’s why: 1. You chose to pursue with getting an education despite the odds against you. 2. Hard work will eventually pay off in the end, it always does trust me! 3. You’re freaking doing the damn thing, graduating now, later or in the future it does not matter.… Continue reading Dear GRADUATES and Non- GRADUATES…

happy bloggerversary KUWMJ!

This week is my 1 YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY!🎉🎊 I’ve been blogging for one whole year, isn’t that crazy cool AMAZING?! Wow, it really feels like yesterday I started on this path not knowing the destination. This first post I’ll start off by telling you guys about my journey as a “blogger”. Honestly it’s still really weird… Continue reading happy bloggerversary KUWMJ!

the little things we forget.

I have realized that there is so many little, yet big things that we should be thankful and grateful for, but neglect it. So many people are not blessed to even have a roof over there heads, yet still we complain about simple things like “Not having plans” or “Being bored at home”. Some people… Continue reading the little things we forget.

get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ

The Get To Know Me Challenge is basically to let you guys know a bit more about me, my likes, dislikes, inspirations as well as my aspirations. My blog is about “Digging a little deeper,” so let’s do just that! A- Art. I've grown to love and appreciate art so much more this year it's… Continue reading get to know me challenge; the a-z of MJ

who is the father?

Feel like crying? Run into his arms for comfort, but know he'll kill the guy who caused it. Attentive, accurate, accepting, and always knowing what to say to make you smile. Teaches you the basics of life: right from wrong. Tries to make you understand why certain things happen the way it does. Takes care… Continue reading who is the father?

a mother’s love.

A mother is a person who gives without thinking twice, She has a undying love that continues to touch your soul even when she is gone. Feels good to know that if ever the world turned against you, your mother never did and she never will. No one can ever care for you like your… Continue reading a mother’s love.