Photo Diary: Grad Shoot.

Photo Diary: Grad Shoot.

I realized after writing up my What's Next? blog post that I have over 300+ grad shoot photos that are literally all so dope! So I wanted to put together another post highlighting my favorite photos (even though it was so hard to choose)! These images were all taken by Duran Andrae. I hope you [...]

journaling series: life and death.

death is scary, but it is inevitable. soon it will be your turn to take your last breath and that is okay. humans live and humans die. we were created to live, so why are we not living? why are we caught up in... things that cause us not to live? why are we consumed [...]

journaling series: whole.

This entry is a piece I wrote in one of my journals a while back. Takes me back to my childhood. The reason this is the only one with a photo is to show how much I have grown and now I'm happy and most importantly...whole. Enjoy! I came out bare Knowing not what wasn't [...]

journaling series: one day.

As you read this entry, just imagine what it would be like if you just stopped worrying. one day you’ll realize that some things are meant to be and others aren’t. one day you’ll grow up, and say “thank God I dodged that bullet”. one day you’ll smile because you’re bigger and better than you [...]

journaling series: she.

My first entry I decided to focus on myself and dig a bit deeper. Take a read, let me know your thoughts! she was guarded, closed off, particular about who she let in. she was overprotective and never understood why things happened the way it did.. she was happy, but her happy was seen as sad and angered. [...]