3 online stores that deserve​ more love.

Hello beautiful people,

It’s a new week so I hope you are ready to start your new adventures, new possibilities, and new opportunities! I know I am.

Today’s post is about three online stores that I shop some of my pieces from. I’m always being asked where I shop, so I decided to write up a quick post sharing it with you guys. So before I say which three stores I am referring to that deserve more love, I’ll just say that I had my doubts at first too, I thought it was risky, but I love me a good bargain, so I took the risk *Kanye shrugs* haha. Let’s just say, I’m still shopping at these stores so it can’t be all bad right?

The three stores are:


Forever 21
I cannot lie to you guys, I love these online shops. I don’t care what other people think. When I shop, I find things I like and then I just put things together. The looks I create are always amazing and completely just who I AM. I have heard things like forever 21’s clothes look cheap and the fabric is off…YES, this is true. They need to work on that, but I shop forever 21 online (only) and the pieces I buy are of good quality. I actually have a forever 21 credit card, so my online shopping has exceeded 5x more! If you check out some of my previous posts, you’ll see some of the pieces I’ve bought. I’ll let you be the judge.



Dress & crewneck from forever 21 + Boots from boohoo (mix n match em’)

Boohoo and I started off real shaky. I remember I made an oath to not buy from them, but I had a change of heart when I saw their outfit sets! So the thing about Boohoo.com is that majority of the time they have a 50% off sale going on (you’re welcome), like every single day! I love me a good sale every single day of the week, so they got me there. The thing about shopping sales is that you have to shop smart. For me, I’ve mastered the “buy smart/reasonably and still look like a million bucks!” It is all about YOUR STYLE, it does not matter where you shop.

Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201720

Girl Gang Tee from boohoo (streetstyle)

Saved the best for last? Haha. Okay, so I was always skeptical about Shein, but as per usual I decided to try them out anyway. Luckily I loved the items I received. A lot of people I know (including bloggers) thought that Shein was a scam site. I’m here to say they are not! They are legit people. They have great pieces as well. Let me go ahead and show you guys my Shein wishlist right now because I have been on the site for a while trying to decide what I want. 



Both tees from SheIN 

My SHEIN Current Wishlist:



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I’ve listed each item below in case you’d like to shop these looks! (click each)

  1. Blue floral dress
  2. Yellow floral
  3. Yellow maxi floral dress
  4. Gingham jumper dress
  5. Blue satin palazzo trousers
  6. Blue with white striped satin joggers
  7. Pink off the shoulder jumpsuit
  8. Green satin strappy jumpsuit
  9. Black one shoulder peplum dress
  10. Black lace-up mini skirt

Do you shop any of these online stores? Which are your favorites pieces from the wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, MJ.

oversized jacket + self-love​.

Hello loves,

Every time I take pictures I make sure to have at least one laughing shot. The reason behind it is because no matter how much I may feel down or whatever situation I may be going through, I know I could look back at my photos and smile. If you ask my family and friends, you’ll know that I’m that girl who would always want to take pictures, when everyone is like no let’s just “live in the moment”. I like to live in the moment too, but I like to have pictures to look back on and bask in those memories. When I was younger I never really had that much pictures, so I made it my duty to always take pictures so I can have them with me.

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IMG_6988Enough about my picture history, I just wanted to share a meaningful quote to encourage you that no matter what it is you’re going through someone else has it way worse. Learn to appreciate what you have and always have a love for others and yourself. As I always say, “self-love is the best love” don’t ever forget it. Life is filled with unexpected situations. Things may not always go as planned, but we can make the best of what life has to offer now.

Live your best life.
Dance in the rain.
Take chances.
And do more of what you love this year…in STYLE!

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Outfit details: Dress Boohoo, Booties Zara, Bag Zara, Jacket H&M

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Thanks for reading, xoxo MJ.

little black collar dress.

Although it’s Fall-Winter, that does not mean you can’t still dress up and look cute. Here’s a little outfit post to ease your mind. It’s pretty affordable too (if I might add).

Before the details, here’s a “behind my bright smile” note:
This year (2016) did not start off the best for me, but no matter what I went through I still managed to smile somehow. Some days I doubted God, but I never stopped believing. As December marks the ending of another year, I just have to say how blessed I am. Things may not always work out in the timeframe that we want, but once we lean on God wholeheartedly it will work, in His time. New beginnings, upcoming graduation, new opportunities and prosperity are in my future. If you take anything from this is to be patient, work hard, your time will come. No need to watch what other people have or get upset because you are not where they are. Your time is coming. #Blessings


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About this look…
So this is one of my favorite looks. This right here is my little black dress, with a pinch of “white collar”. I think the correct name for this type of dress is “Black Collar Dress” or something like that. I love the details on this dress, look at the cufflinks! Looks like a mini brioche, but it gives my LBCD it’s own unique touch.img_5905This dress was from Nordstrom, but it’s by Cynthia Steffe. I chose to pair it with my BCBGeneration Black Pointed Toe Tie Up Lace shoes and my on the go black bag that fits literally everything! Simple, cute and comfy outfit. Also, isn’t my fro popping? Loving my hair and my curls. #NaturalHair
D E T A I L S on this look below.IMG_4402.JPG

Dress: Nordstrom (Similar dress, click here)
Shoes: BCBGeneration Tully Pointed-Toe Lace Up Pumps
Bag: Urban Outfitters