Show Up For Yourself.

  I get inspired to write my posts randomly and today is just what happened. Day after day we wake up and as routines go, we get things done. Whether

How To Take Back Your Peace.

All Photos By  Shenelle Powell  Hello, my loves! Can you believe we passed mid-JULY? Where is time going? I cannot keep up with this fast pace!  Today’s post is about

Loving Yourself: The Importance.

**All images were taken by Duran Andrae. // trousers-zara I previously broke the internet with the news of my upcoming nuptials. *Breathe*. I know you are all still recovering (and

100 Days To Miller!

MARIKAH + DURAN #TheMillerLove Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. Big life update: I AM GETTING MARRIED! I know, take a breath, a couple more breaths, inhale, exhale, now let’s get this

Go Get It.

All Photos By Duran Andrae. These photos are giving me BOSS BABE vibes. She is serious about her future. This past week I’ve had a lot of “ah ha” moments,

Take Responsibility.

All Photos by Duran Andrae. It’s my 3-year blogversary and I am full of gratitude and love. Thank you to everyone reading this right now. I appreciate your love + support.

I Bring Me.

 [Photographer: Duran Andrae. Hit him up!] Hello my loves, thanks for stopping by!  “What do you bring to the table?” I bring me! How many times have you been questioned or