Keeping It Fab In A Suit.


[suit-ASOS, bralette-True & Co., bag-Marc Jacobs, shoes-Simmi Shoes, red lip-Anatasia Beverly Hills] The hair is a bonus, bomb braid out!

Hello, my loves. So I wrote this blog post 4 days before my wedding and forgot to publish it. I must have been busy multitasking with wedding stuff. However, I’m going to post it as is, not going to change anything, so here it is!

Quick wedding update, because that’s what my life is about currently *rolls eyes*. It’s literally 4 days away (lesser than that if I’m being honest)! *Yikes*. I eat, sleep & breathe all things wedding these days. As the time boils down to the final days…I feel more and more anxiety! It’s like I want this planning process to end so badly, but I feel I’d miss it a bit afterward. Honestly, I hope I don’t! Haha. Check out my latest post if you haven’t on 10 things people don’t know about weddings!

I decided to share a quick style post to ease my mind.

How to style a two-piece suit.

On to the good stuff! It so happened that I wore this dope two-piece yellow suit to a wedding about a month ago (August). I know I can’t get away from wedding talk. It was a hit! I mean everyone was asking me where I got it & giving out compliments like it was my birthday! So, yes I’ll spill the deets because I love you all. I got this set from ASOS. What’s crazy is that it went out of stock like 10x and my size came back in stock days before the wedding. Shoutout to Asos premier 2-day delivery (sometimes because USPS be playing)! So how I decided to style my two-piece suit was to pair it with a bag and bralette. My bag is from Marc Jacobs (it can be a makeup bag also) & my bralette was gifted from True & Co a while back. I then took my ‘cinderella transparent glitter’ Simmi London heels I wore earlier this year on my birthday and a classic red lip from Anastasia Beverly Hills! It worked out so perfectly even I was shaken! My best outfits are the ones I don’t overthink and then find last minute. That’s honestly how the majority of my outfits go. When I try to plan plan plan, it never feels right. 

Quick style tip: Reuse pieces from your closet with new finds! It’s definitely what I tend to do a lot and it works. Don’t let the “omg you wore that and posted before” naysayers fool you. It’s YOURS and you can wear it 10x and post every single time if you wanted. Do you, be you, dress to please you! Period. I get a lot of questions about my outfits and all I can really say is that you just got to go with how you feel, what fits your body type and work it with confidence. That’s it. No long explanation.

Thanks for stopping by! My wedding is 4 days away. Stay tuned! xoxo MJ.

I Bring Me.

DSC07334DSC07313DSC07303DSC07326DSC07374DSC07338DSC07324DSC07352 [PhotographerDuran Andrae. Hit him up!]

Hello my loves, thanks for stopping by! 

“What do you bring to the table?” I bring me!

How many times have you been questioned or even second guessed yourself in terms of what you bring to the table? Whether it’s at work, school or in a relationship/friendship, I probe you to never let anyone make you feel like you bring anything less than great to the table. It’s normal to have doubts or even fears when it comes to overcoming situations, however, that does not mean it’s the last stop for you. Today’s post is long overdue, but it’s good and you’re going to want to keep reading!

It’s no surprise that life is filled with great moments and memories, but what about the not so great ones? What about the times when we go through something that’s so terrible that you give up on the very thing that makes you, you… I’m here to say don’t. I’m literally speaking to myself in this post also because to be completely honest with you guys, sometimes I am at a level of low where I lose sight of the bigger picture. I lose sight of the very thing that makes me amazing and that makes me, me. I’m here to say understand your value, your worth. I know, it’s a bit cliche, however cliche or not it is relevant 24/7.

How do I realize what I bring to the table?

Some of you may wonder, some of you may already know and that’s good. Hear me out, I mean I’m not a guru or the wisest person in the world, but as I go through life I learn, grow and eventually share those findings/lessons. In my opinion, how to realize what you ‘bring to the table’, you have to be open and real with yourself. That is the absolute first step. You cannot give what you do not have. Ask yourself these questions: 1- What are my strengths? Weaknesses?, 2- How can I use them to grow and to help out someone else?, 3- What makes me who I am? (Not the things you have materialistically, go deeper with your self-talk). That’s step one. Next, you have to own it. Be so sure of you (well after you discovered everything answering the 3 questions that is) that nothing or no one can throw you off your game. I mean the surety like we have in math problems like “2+2=4”. That level. Then you can move on to step three. This step is very important y’all. NEVER, in any case, in any stage, no matter where you are in life APOLOGIZE FOR WHO YOU ARE. Period. Stop that before you even start. God made you the way you are for a reason. How can you change perfection? More importantly, how can you apologize for being perfectly you? It doesn’t add up. It never will. It is inevitable, people will either accept or deny you and that’s okay. Don’t give them satisfaction or power over your life.

LASTLY, #KUWMJ Graduate!

After completing steps 1-3, congratulations you are now a graduate of KUWMJ University for being who you are, knowing your worth and owning yourself. You cannot keep focusing on things/or people who won’t change their opinions about you. What you can do is accept your flaws, work on them and embrace what you can offer. It is an unpopular opinion to say “do you”, but DO YOU. If that job can’t see your worth leave it. If that man/or woman cannot understand who you are or cannot accept what you offer, leave them. 

Sometimes making the hardest decisions comes with the best results.

So the next time someone asks you what you bring to the table, make sure you say “I bring me”. That should be your first response because you know that YOU are that “it” factor. If anyone tells you differently, make your own table and on that table on allowing people who value you, your time and acknowledge that you are spectacular.

I heard this quote and I ran with it, “God will never take something away from you, without replacing it with something better.”

Outfit details— Sweater-ZARA, Turtleneck-Uniqlo, Jeans-Levis, Lace Bodysuit/Lingerie- True&Co., Shoes-ASOS, Bag-Aldos, Necklace-Kate Spade, THAT GLOW-Priceless!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your week! Stay motivated! xoxo, MJ.

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Stripes for the win!


–getting my top model on!

Photographer: @DuranAndrae

Hey you! Welcome back. Glad you took the time out to check out my blog post. 

It’s Sunday, and I woke up in an extra-terrific-amazingly-great mood. We owe it to ourselves to look as good as we feel inside. Don’t you agree? I’ve been on a level of peace + happiness for the past couple of days. At work or wherever I go, I try to maintain this same attitude. What I’ve learned is this, you cannot allow someone else to determine how you feel or what you do. It really hits home for me when I look up at my wall from my bed and see “Do whatever makes you happy”. I’m determined to do just that.

The most courageous act is still to think of yourself. Aloud.


Something about stripes makes me feel dope. I love patterns, prints, and solid colors. If you are a person who never tried wearing patterns/or prints, you definitely should. Mixing them also gives you a cool-unique look. As you can tell from my photos, my stripes had me feeling myself. This is how every outfit should make you feel. 

—outfit deets: stripe-set-zara | booties-public desire | shades-sunglass spot | jacket-zara | bag-zara

This week remember to:

  • Dress how you feel
  • Worry about yourself
  • Be yourself, love yourself up, and don’t disregard your feelings
  • Smile [you never know whose day you will make]
  • Be completely honest with yourself
  • Reach those goals
  • Slay + let those haters know you are unbothered
  • WIN [I’ll always mention winning in every post]
  • Celebrate yourself, celebrate women around you, encourage + spread the love.

Happy Women’s History Month!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep up with me on all my socials! xoxo, MJ

I, me, you, we.

Hello loves, new post here. I felt this one.


Photo By @DuranAndrae 


This post is different. I was at a point where I just needed to rant for a bit. Bare with me. The end is worth the read.

Here we go…“The world is yours and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

I use to think that was a lie.

If it’s really true, why can’t I fly?

Truth is…you cannot always take life so literal.

Some days will suck AF.

Some days you will want to stay in bed and do nothing but stare at the ceiling.

Some days you will question God, asking what was the reason for everything that occurred in your life. (I do)

Some days I WANT to do people as dirty as they did me.

Some days you will be blank and uninspired mixed with a LOT of frustration.

Truth is the answers you want you won’t get and the questions you have will never come out.

Truth is human beings want way too much than they can chew.

WE take and take, but never give without wanting.

Sitting and re-evaluating life can make you see things so much clearer.

WE must appreciate the process.

WE must appreciate where we are currently.

Sometimes we may will feel beaten, battered, worthless.

Am I lying?

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

That’s new right because being honest with ourselves is such a task nowadays.

Putting up a front like you got your sh*t together is better?

We are not perfect. We fail. We fall. We suck at things. We question.

We run. We hide. We avoid.

We give with the expectancy to receive.

Then reject and deceive.

We reassure ourselves constantly of where we are NOT at, instead of just working towards where we could be at.

Real talk sometimes I feel the power “LESS”.

(the crowd goes wild)

Real talk try crying. It’s therapeutic.

Let it out,

Now that is necessary.

I’m tired of the selfishness, validations, irrelevant opinions, jealousy, negativity, lack of individuality.

I’m tired of the neglectfulness towards feelings that ACTUALLY matter.

Realizing your truth is a big step when mentally growing.

True beauty isn’t outward, but it grows out from the inside.

It is fed the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.

It shines so bright that others see it when you’re just being your natural self.

So much goes on in the world it’s overwhelming.

Life does not have to be this complicated as we make it.

Affirm today that you promise to bloom at your own pace because you are worthy of that.

There is POWER in patience and LOVE in genuineness.

That’s it.


OUTFIT DETAILS: Top- Forever 21, Pants- ZARA, Shoes- Steve Madden, Bag- ASOS

Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful week, stay inspired…xoxo MJ.

what blogging taught me.

It’s been a great journey as a blogger and I am filled with joy every time I sit in my room and write my blog posts for you guys. This platform has given me the freedom to express my feelings and also to help motivate/inspire so many people and that in itself is a blessing. I have received so many questions from friends and associates on how they can go about starting their own blog (how amazing is it that they chose to ask me for advice?). I am humbled by this experience. Sharing who you are with the internet is one of the scariest things, but it is something that can change you for the better. Although some things remain personal, people like to know that you are relatable so in that sense it is good.

“You will need curiosity, kindness, stamina and a willingness to look stupid.”


                                           YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE IT MAY LEAD YOU

I can recall my first few months when I started blogging and I had no clue what the future would be like for my website. Honestly, the thing I have understood the most is that the more content you produce, the more people are watching—people as in influencers, sponsors etc. Who would’ve thought that I would ever be chosen to be a rep or influencer for products? It’s an amazing feeling to know that people love what you do, just as much as you do!
[ You can check out my reviews category to see who I’ve worked with and my rep page here]

                                                  SELF-PROMOS ARE NORMAL

Let me keep it real with you guys, I have a shy side! Yes, I do. When that side of me comes out to play I try my hardest to act like I am fully ready for anything, but inside I’m not haha. I’ve learned that self-promos are a great way to get yourself out there. It is prevalent that you might feel like you are being a bother to people, but TRUTH BE TOLD if they support you they won’t mind your promos AND if they mind they can simply UNFOLLOW YOU. Make that known. Never let anyone deter you from being you.

                                             REAL WINS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK

You have to be real with your followers. Being yourself is the best thing you can ever be. DO NOT EVER THROW ANY OF YOURSELF AWAY. No one likes bloggers who create the SAME content every other blogger creates. There was a time where I felt like I had to have certain pictures taken a certain way or write posts to please followers, but this is not always the case. In terms of having “relevant content”, yeah you have to be in the norm, but changing your whole blog to suit other bloggers? It’s a BIG FAT NO for me y’all. Realness and being genuine will always win.

                                               KEEP THE CONTENT FLOWING

I cannot tell you guys how much I have been slacking on my posts. It’s bad because I had posts coming in so much more frequently, but that will be changed! It is a MUST to have lots of content flowing on a daily basis. You have to keep your followers’ attention, I have learned this the hard way. You must be on top of the number of posts you do on social media and on your blog and develop a schedule. Have a couple journals or planners ready to jot down thoughts, doodles, and new ideas.

                                EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT FOLLOW, THEY SEE YOU

This was one of my greatest lessons. I use to be so caught up in the number of followers that I have and the excessive overthinking that no one will read, but little did I know they were. Even though people don’t hit that FOLLOW button, they see your work. I remember seeing a quote that said “YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND TO NOT EVEN SEE YOU”, which is so true! They are taking notes and taking your advice trust me. I have seen this done so many times with my blog pieces. This makes me keep pushing.

you are enough.

You messed up, you failed, you’re not proud of it, but your journey is not over.
They mistreated you, made fun of the person you used to be without seeing the person you would become…but your journey isn’t over.
You are enough.
Don’t let what people say deter you from fulfilling your dreams,
Don’t let them get the benefit of the doubt,
No weapons formed, shall prosper “NO”!
Who said you needed someone else’s approval or permission?
Nobody has a manual for having a ‘perfect life’
View everything as an opportunity, don’t let it pass you by.
Take a chance, take risks, make your own rules for a change.
Others may try to make you feel lesser than who you are,
Don’t give them the satisfaction.
Anyone who puts someone else down feels worthless themselves!
Speak up sometimes,
Fight back with kind words.
You will always be enough,
Once you know that, no one can ever tell you you’re not.
Don’t ever change that for anyone.
If a person can’t see how incredible you are,
Let them go.
Sometimes you have to wake yourself up, remind yourself in the mirror of how great of a person you are.
Some days you may be down, don’t beat yourself up.
Never let go.
Never forget.
You are more than ENOUGH.

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