you are enough.

You messed up, you failed, you’re not proud of it, but your journey is not over. They mistreated you, made fun of the person you used to be without seeing the person you would become…but your journey isn’t over. You are enough. Don’t let what people say deter you from fulfilling your dreams, Don’t letContinue reading “you are enough.”

5 ways to get over disappointment.

To disappoint is defined as, “To defeat the fulfillment of hopes, plans etc.” Disappointment happens in many forms, either someone can be disappointed in you or vice versa. The question comes when we have to ask ourselves what are we going to do about the situation, how can we deal with the feeling and makeContinue reading “5 ways to get over disappointment.”

truth about being alone.

Who said being alone was a bad thing? Getting to know and understand yourself, figuring your purpose and finding out who you are can never be a bad thing. Women in particular are more shunned for not being in serious relationships by their peers, family members, even public figures, but is this really something thatContinue reading “truth about being alone.”