Remember Who You Are.

Hello beautiful people! Happy new month of October. Let’s make these last 3 months of 2020 count.

Today’s post I want to remind you of who you are, because sometimes you (and me) forget so I got you. The first thing you need to keep in mind at all times is who made you. That’s number one because you were made to be someone, do a certain thing, and have a purpose. God created each of us differently for a reason. Sometimes we may feel like following the crowd and “the world” is appealing, but it’s not. Not because someone else is doing something mean you have to go do it too. Remember who you are and what your purpose on this earth is to do. Once you figure out your purpose, everything else falls into place. Trust me. Also, read this past post for some extra help on discovering your purpose: Listen To God.

If you’ve ever felt like you have let yourself turn into something you never thought you’d be…

  • Write down the qualities you want to exhibit.
  • Take steps to changing the bad habits you have adopted.
  • Figure out why you’ve allowed yourself to get so deep in that bad mentality.

If you forgot why it’s important to be yourself and embrace who you are…

  • Make time to spend with people who appreciate, lift you up, encourage you, and know who you are.
  • Let go off excess baggage (people + things).
  • Remember to always do what’s best for you.


This pregnancy I’m all for comfort, chic style, street style and overall going with what I think is cute. I can’t conform to maternity clothes! Let me know in the comments if you loved the look!

Oversized shirt: Asos

Shoes: Ego Shoes

Denim-Oversized Baggy Fit: Topshop

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Top Stores To Shop + How To Get Cash Back.

My name is Marikah and I’m a shopperholic. *Whew that felt good to admit haha*. Okay, I’m not alone because majority of the time I post a dope outfit or other accessories on my instagram stories, a bunch of you reach out to find out where I got it. So I decided to do a blog post giving you some deets on my favorite go-to stores to shop (some non-clothing related) and my secret to saving money even though I’m spending. If you’re interested in knowing that information, keep reading!

Top Stores To Shop [Online/In-store]

  1. ASOS. This is a big spill because Asos is my go-to store, especially since you can subscribe/pay for the two day shipping which comes in handy ever so often! Why wait 3-5 days when you can get your outfits in 2 days? Exactly. Another reason I absolutely love asos is because they have the most random sales. I’m a girl who love my discounts/sales so this is a PLUS. Nothing I love more than a little discount. Asos also has clothing fit for any occassion. This is something I appreciate a lot. So there you have it my three main reasons I love Asos. Here’s a few outfits I copped from Asos.

Yellow pleated dress, black scooped back bodysuit, pastel yellow dress and yellow suit.

2. SHEIN. Honestly, I slept on Shein back in the days. It’s actually a great online shore for finding dupes and style on a budget. It’s a hit or miss sometimes, but when you get a hit it’s a HIT. I bought all my swimwear for my honeymoon from Shein. One day I’ll show you guys those photos. Definitely check out the website.

3. ZARA. Everyone knows Zara has dope pieces. I choose wisely because so much people shop their now. The prices are pretty high, but the quality is great. I think because I worked their in the past it has made me more open to shopping there. I sure do miss the employee discounts though!

4. LEVIs. Top store for denim jeans. It’s pricey, but the quality is long lasting. You can go years without if you buy one or two pairs. In my book that’s a win. I usually buy my jeans when there’s a sale, but if I really want it bad, I’ll pay the full price.

5. ST.COLE [new addition]. You’re welcome in advance. Someone put me on and I won’t be stingy and not share it. I bought a dope hat from here recently and I’m patiently waiting to be notified of when the next ones I want come back in stock.

6. NORDSTOM RACK. Don’t sleep on them like me. My sisters love this store and I too now share their love for it. The best prices and all the everything you never knew you needed!

Okay more stores to check out, I’ll just list them:

7. HOME DEPOT. For your plant needs and wants! Check out my youtube video to see my plant video! Link HERE.

8. BEDSCAPE. For all your bed dreams and desires!

9. BELLOCQ. Great kitchen necessities and wants!

10. SUNGLASS SPOT. All the glasses and shades you NEED all at $5. You’re welcome!

11. GLOSSIER. All your skincare and makeup needs. Here’s a 10% off link on me!

12. BOOTAY BAG. Get your panties and bras delivered every month with your subscription of like $10-15 bucks! You’re welcome.

13. LULUS. Quality clothing, shoes, accessories.

14. FOREVER 21. DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. THEM. That’s all. I got a fur coat from them last year and it will last me forever! Here’s a picture of me in it.

15. H&M. I recently started shopping here again and I’m satisfied with the outcome.

16. MANGO. LOVE LOVE LOVE MANGO. A bit pricey, but you can get lucky and catch a sale!

17. AMAZON. Guys, for all your needs amazon got you. Accessories, home goods, clothing, bedding you name it!!

18. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a list of “black owned logos” curated by my friend Evelyn on her blog “Her Neck Of The Woods”! CLICK HERE to view.

That’s about all the stores I can remember for now. Any additional ones, I’ll come back and add it to this post.

How To Get Cash Back When You Shop

So I’ve been shopping and getting cash back whenever I do from certain stores. Want to know how? Easy. I signed up for Rakuten (known as beats before) to get a percentage of money back when I shop at qualifying stores.


  • Sign up with your email using this link–> I WANT CASH BACK
  • Download the app on your phone or computer
  • Whenever you’re ready to shop type in the name of the store
  • Click the store, then your cash back will be activated
  • After your purchase check back the app and you’ll see the cash back in your account

I’ve been using this since 2018 earning cash back and here are my results! You will only receive the cash back when you’ve earned back more than $5 and in every three months.

Hopefully this helps! I definitely recommend that you sign up and get money back….YOUR money back when you shop. Think of it as a discount every time you shop! It’s amazing. Let me know if you have questions.

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3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet.


All Photos By Duran Andrae


Hey guys! As we wrap up 2019 and prepare to bask in all 2020’s blessings, remember that the end of year sale is right around the corner! Hahaha. I weren’t expecting that, but it’s true. Make sure you buy some pieces that will take in you into 2020 looking and feeling your best. Who said shopping had to be full-priced all the time?

Today’s post is for my fashionistas. You look shopping, but you get overwhelmed because you’re not always sure what to buy and how to put outfits together. I HEAR YOU. I SEE YOU. I AM HERE TO HELP!

3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet
  1. Oversized Blazer
  2. Belt Bag
  3. Dad Sneakers or Booties

These items are necessary (and extra perks if you’re married, I’ll elaborate soon) and will always allow you to switch up your looks. Whether you’re a blogger, stylist, or fashionista who likes to dress up!

Oversized Blazer- It can take your look from zero to SHERO! Pair itwith a tank, tee, or your favorite crew neck sweater and you'll beset. For me, I like to try new outfit looks and experiment, so Ipaired my oversized blazer with a tulle skirt, then with a tee, jeans & booties! For my wives (or girlfriends), we get extra cool pointsbecause we can steal our husband's suit jackets/blazers and use that!Perfect oversized-trendy look we love! That's my secret.


Belt Bag– I used to hate belt bags until I tried it. Truth be told, they’re actually super convenient and it levels up your look! I have probably 3 or 4 belt bags now (and counting)! As I paired it here in this outfit, you can too! I believe if you go in my other style postsyou might see some belt bags that I have!

Dad Sneakers or Booties- Ladies, a must-have in your closet! I know some people are not feeling the "dad sneakers" look and some are, that's totally fine. We all have different taste for a reason! For me, my "dad sneakers" are my FILA sneakers that I bought from Urban Outfitters. I have two pairs and when I say they are comfy, they are comfy AF! Get you a pair! As for booties, you should have at least two pairs in your closet. That's mandatory sis. Pair your booties with a dress, jeans, skirt or even sweats (my next experimental look)!  
Here's a look at how to style dad sneakers!


I hope this was helpful! Details on this look below:

Booties- Public Desire

Belt Bag & T-Shirt- ZARA

Blazer- Husbae's Closet

Tulle Skirt- ASOS

Dad Sneakers- Urban Outfitters
Enjoy this flipbook inspired by my blogger friend @JelissaBrooks!

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Styling My Hermine Hold Accessories.

Happy Sunday my loves! I hope you are having a beautiful start to this joyous week! I am super excited about this collaboration because it took me out of my comfort zone, whereas I got to play around with some hair/fashion accessories! If you know me you know I love to switch up my hairstyles, so being able to add these gems to my shelf is amazing!

I got the option to choose what items I wanted to style, so of course, I went with something aesthetically pleasing and totally me. Let’s start with the packaging. The two items I received came in a green box, which had a little drawstring to pull out the inner box. Everything was neatly packed and it didn’t have those weird odors some boxes have when they first arrive.

For this collaboration, I’ll be styling the Nefertiti Silk Scarf and Suede Knot Headband in Green.

The scarf itself is very soft and can be styled in so many ways, whether as a neck scarf or a head tie/band. For me, I chose to do the neck scarf for this look. I figured out three ways you can wear your scarf, for a different hairstyle there are more ways! The headband was also a soft, gentle-to-touch suede green headband, with the initials HH on the side of it. It fit my head perfectly. 

Full-disclosure, these items were gifted to me by the brand & all thoughts in my review are my own.


All Photos By ME

OUTFIT DETAILS: Both items gifted by Hermine Hold

Scarf: Nefertiti Head Scarf ( I used it as a neck scarf)

Headband: Suede Knot Headband

**Extras// Jacket: Zara, Designed by ME | Dress: ASOS

I’m just really excited these are items I can use in summer and fall. I really love this shade of green and playing around in a different overall look! I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget to check out their website. There’s a whole lot of other hair accessories that will take your look from zero to hero! Men, you can gift these pieces to your special someone for the holidays!

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Grow before you Glow.


Pro tip: Surround yourself with people who get you.

The year is almost over and I am going full throttle when it comes to being intentional. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and I’m pretty sure you have too! My advice to you all is this: “Do not ever be afraid to let go or cut off the “split ends” aka the toxic, negative, bitter people you have lingering around in your life.” Listen, if they are not for you, they’re against you and you should not have to second guess that about a person. It may will can hurt you at first (a bit), but when as change comes along, growth does too.

Growing comes before the GLOW

It took me a while to understand this concept. I usually just want to glow first and grow later on, but that’s not how it works in this thing called life. The older we get, the more decisions we have to make for the betterment of ourselves. A few things this year has taught me are as follows:

  1. Don’t accept nonsense from anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is. Know your worth +add tax and MORE on top of that. That goes for friends, family, and BRANDS because some brands want you to work for free and Free.99 ain’t paying the bills boo.
  2. Learn and grow. Learn from past situations and don’t repeat them. Grow from those situations so you can help someone in the future.
  3. The subtle art of saying NO. The art of not giving a crap and saying no, are my two favorite types of art. Saying no has so many benefits for your mental health and for your sanity. Trust me, I’m a person who use to feel super guilty when saying no to people because I did not want them to feel bad, however, I was the one always feeling bad in the end. Stop burying yourself for other humans. Soon you won’t be able to breathe.
  4. GLOW on. What do I mean by glow on? Well, you’ve already learned from mistakes, grew from them, now you have to glow. Flourish in your blessings. Stop feeling sorry for the people who aren’t. Everyone has their own time to shine. There’s room for all of us. Glow because you worked hard for it. Glow because you deserve it. Glow because you took care of everyone else, now it’s time to take care of you now.

** Outfits Details: Slip Dress- ZARA, Snake Print Top- Boohoo, Snake Skin Bag-ZARA, Booties-Boohoo, Lippie-The Lip Bar

I hope you grow and glow this week. I sure am! Thanks for stopping by! XO MJ.

All Photos By Duran Andrae

Stripes for the win!


–getting my top model on!

Photographer: @DuranAndrae

Hey you! Welcome back. Glad you took the time out to check out my blog post. 

It’s Sunday, and I woke up in an extra-terrific-amazingly-great mood. We owe it to ourselves to look as good as we feel inside. Don’t you agree? I’ve been on a level of peace + happiness for the past couple of days. At work or wherever I go, I try to maintain this same attitude. What I’ve learned is this, you cannot allow someone else to determine how you feel or what you do. It really hits home for me when I look up at my wall from my bed and see “Do whatever makes you happy”. I’m determined to do just that.

The most courageous act is still to think of yourself. Aloud.


Something about stripes makes me feel dope. I love patterns, prints, and solid colors. If you are a person who never tried wearing patterns/or prints, you definitely should. Mixing them also gives you a cool-unique look. As you can tell from my photos, my stripes had me feeling myself. This is how every outfit should make you feel. 

—outfit deets: stripe-set-zara | booties-public desire | shades-sunglass spot | jacket-zara | bag-zara

This week remember to:

  • Dress how you feel
  • Worry about yourself
  • Be yourself, love yourself up, and don’t disregard your feelings
  • Smile [you never know whose day you will make]
  • Be completely honest with yourself
  • Reach those goals
  • Slay + let those haters know you are unbothered
  • WIN [I’ll always mention winning in every post]
  • Celebrate yourself, celebrate women around you, encourage + spread the love.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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3 online stores that deserve​ more love.

Hello beautiful people,

It’s a new week so I hope you are ready to start your new adventures, new possibilities, and new opportunities! I know I am.

Today’s post is about three online stores that I shop some of my pieces from. I’m always being asked where I shop, so I decided to write up a quick post sharing it with you guys. So before I say which three stores I am referring to that deserve more love, I’ll just say that I had my doubts at first too, I thought it was risky, but I love me a good bargain, so I took the risk *Kanye shrugs* haha. Let’s just say, I’m still shopping at these stores so it can’t be all bad right?

The three stores are:


Forever 21
I cannot lie to you guys, I love these online shops. I don’t care what other people think. When I shop, I find things I like and then I just put things together. The looks I create are always amazing and completely just who I AM. I have heard things like forever 21’s clothes look cheap and the fabric is off…YES, this is true. They need to work on that, but I shop forever 21 online (only) and the pieces I buy are of good quality. I actually have a forever 21 credit card, so my online shopping has exceeded 5x more! If you check out some of my previous posts, you’ll see some of the pieces I’ve bought. I’ll let you be the judge.



Dress & crewneck from forever 21 + Boots from boohoo (mix n match em’)

Boohoo and I started off real shaky. I remember I made an oath to not buy from them, but I had a change of heart when I saw their outfit sets! So the thing about is that majority of the time they have a 50% off sale going on (you’re welcome), like every single day! I love me a good sale every single day of the week, so they got me there. The thing about shopping sales is that you have to shop smart. For me, I’ve mastered the “buy smart/reasonably and still look like a million bucks!” It is all about YOUR STYLE, it does not matter where you shop.

Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201720

Girl Gang Tee from boohoo (streetstyle)

Saved the best for last? Haha. Okay, so I was always skeptical about Shein, but as per usual I decided to try them out anyway. Luckily I loved the items I received. A lot of people I know (including bloggers) thought that Shein was a scam site. I’m here to say they are not! They are legit people. They have great pieces as well. Let me go ahead and show you guys my Shein wishlist right now because I have been on the site for a while trying to decide what I want. 



Both tees from SheIN 

My SHEIN Current Wishlist:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve listed each item below in case you’d like to shop these looks! (click each)

  1. Blue floral dress
  2. Yellow floral
  3. Yellow maxi floral dress
  4. Gingham jumper dress
  5. Blue satin palazzo trousers
  6. Blue with white striped satin joggers
  7. Pink off the shoulder jumpsuit
  8. Green satin strappy jumpsuit
  9. Black one shoulder peplum dress
  10. Black lace-up mini skirt

Do you shop any of these online stores? Which are your favorites pieces from the wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

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make lemonade!

Hello loves,

Happy International Women’s Day.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

Today’s post I’m encouraging you to make lemonade when life gives you lemons! I have been given lots of lemons throughout my years of life, but I always tried to make “lemonade” or make better out of my situation. One thing I have learned was to never forget who I am and where I came from. Not just that, but the reason behind it. Times have changed a lot from when I was younger. I say this in reference to having pride in where you came from. It was not so easy being the kid who just migrated to the U.S. from the Caribbean, in a class filled with Americans. There were ups and downs, but I never forgot where I came from, as a matter of fact, I think I was overly proud to an extent. I won’t lie to y’all, sometimes it was hard, but when you realize that it does not matter what people think, you get right back up.

The same ones following your journey are awaiting your downfall.

How sad is that? It is so easy to lose sight of what’s important sometimes, through the situations that we go through and all the negativity of this world. However, it is what you do in those trying times that shows the kind of person you are or aspire to be. In the workplace, at home or on the streets as a woman, you have to remember that you are powerful, strong, beautiful, important and you came too far to not let that shine through. Being that it’s women’s day I encourage you to bask in this moment and remember all the powerful women that you have in your life. Thank them and show them love and appreciation because the many sacrifices they have made goes unnumbered.

I’m thankful for all the women in my life. My mother, granny, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, adopted sisters, adopted family etc. You all are spectacular and hold a great place in my heart. As much as I inspire you, you inspire me.

Quick tips for encouragement:

1. Accept that you have weaknesses and flaws. Sometimes people put on a facade that everything is okay and like they can handle anything life throws at them. Honestly, the majority of women do this, but we have weaknesses just as we have strengths and that is OKAY. 

2. Remember that your journey is yours. Mold it, shape it into what you want.

3. You go girl! Be your own cheerleader. Root for you even when no one else is willing too.

4. Love more and hate less. Use your energy to uplift rather than tear down. I love the saying, “Kill them with kindness”! I try to do that so much more because people never expect that after being nasty to me.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

What I’m wearingDress- Forever 21, Sweater- Primark, Shoes- Boohoo, Bag(s): Aldo & Burberry

Enjoy this fun video I posted on Instagram. Click HERE!

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girl gang.

So cliché to even have bought this t-shirt, but honestly it means so much more.
There’s so much girls out there that are not believing in themselves, not loving what they see when they look in the mirror, girls who are just being put down by all the guys who cannot see their worth.
This t-shirt represents those girls.
I bought it because girls matter. ALL GIRLS.

Every girl in every shade in the rainbow.
It’s so sad to see that women are still being degraded and mistreated and devalued and underestimated!
I say that every girl is beautiful and should know it. Always.
re-affirm yourselves by saying:
“I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I am intelligent.
I am worth it.
I am perfect.
I am fearless.
I am smart.
I am wise.
I am important.
I am powerful.
I am amazing.
I am enough.”
Do not ever let anyone ever tell you different.

the look:Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201728skirt: ASOS | shoes: ZARA | Bag: ZARA | T-shirt: BOOHOOJacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201735Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201723.jpgIMG_3122Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201717.jpgJacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201732Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201731Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 20179

Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201710
Go be badass.

Photographer: Alberto Lima.


the denim jacket.

It’s sprinter and I’m still trying to keep up with this change in weather everyday. One day it’s hot, the next it’s cold, then rainy days turn into snow days! Can we catch a break? Well here in NYC there was a day where the weather was lovely and this was the outfit I chose to wear.

The denim jacket have been in effect for years now. Going back to the days of Elvis down to modern day fashion icons like rihanna and pharrell, they all rock their denim jackets like no other! This jacket gives me a 90s feel every time I wear it and I’m always asked where I got it from, well the jig is up…I’ll tell you guys! First, I must tell you it keeps me warm because it is lined with fur both inside and on it’s collar. The dress is from Zara’s basic collection and it’s super comfy, super casual and I’m a sucker for peplum hems! As for the sneakers, they’re super comfy as well and for the price they aren’t too bad. It is actually cuter in person. I was a little hesitant about “” because of the price and quality, but I would definitely recommend these sneakers! I’m a sucker also for finding things at reasonable prices too.

If you want comfort, get basic dresses + on the go sneakers that are super stylish.DSC_6816DSC_6794DSC_6788.jpgDSC_6823DSC_6807DSC_6650FullSizeRender.jpgDSC_6678
Duran M.

Denim Jacket: Zara

Peplum Hem Dress: Zara
Bow Sneakers: