Have no worry, have no fear.

Hello, my loves!

Today’s post is a bit personal, but I aimed to just shed my thoughts and encouragement on how to cope and elevate when dealing with fear. We normally associate fear with darkness, for the mere fact that Continue reading

don’t let the new year scare you.

Hello loves,


To be honest, when I think of starting a new year I am always excited and nervous at the same time. I’m sure I’m not the only one with these feelings, but that’s all it is…mere feelings. 99% Continue reading

face it.

This post stems from my previous post confident. It is time to just face “it“.  Your “it” can be anything. Your job, relationship, life choice/situations, school, career, or even YOURSELF.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself Continue reading


just some self affirmations to keep you going throughout this week.
the topic is “breathe”. keep reading.

i know, sometimes its a little hard to breathe.
try. please try.
keep trying…
to breathe in a world full of Continue reading