Keeping It Real.

Let’s be real… People never keep it real, especially with themselves, but hopefully, after this post, you won’t be one of those people. 2019 we have a lot of things we want to accomplish, but what’s real is this… YOU WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING WITHOUT A PLAN. Show me someone who accomplished their goal withoutContinue reading “Keeping It Real.”

25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.

Inspired by Alex Elle’s #1AffirmationADay Take one or two or three and go for the day! Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself… Today I affirm: I am not finished growing yet and I cannot beat myself up for things that I have not yet accomplished. I require love + care, just as plantsContinue reading “25 Positive Affirmations to Oneself.”

Tea time with KROMA!

Hello, my loves! Today’s post is all about our smartphones! I have teamed up with Kroma to share with you some of their cases that I’m so in love with currently! If you are as clumsy as I am or you just love to switch up your phone cases…this post will do you well! …SoContinue reading “Tea time with KROMA!”